Hades Wiki
Location Tartarus
Combat Style Close-range melee
Health 140
Armor 230
Base Damage 4

Wringers are the disembodied hands of thieves that were severed for their crimes in life. The shackles they bear are reminders of their sins and now serve as their weapons in the afterlife.

Wringers fly slowly and attack with up-close with a grab, which restrains Zagreus in chains for 1 Second. While restrained he cannot move nor attack.

Wringers start appearing in Tartarus once Zagreus has reached the surface at least once. (Defeating the final boss is not necessary.) They can be summoned by the Wretched Sneak during its mini-boss encounter while Middle Management is active.

Codex entry[]

'...Among mortals, thievery is among the most despised of crimes, resulting on occasion in thieving hands being taken from their owners. As it turns out, they remain separated even here. Those thieving hands remain in the darkest depths of Tartarus, grasping forever for riches, the warmth of life... anything they cannot have.'