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Wretched Witch
Wretched Witch.png
Location Tartarus
Combat Style Projectiles
Health 80
Armor 120
Base Damage 5

Wretched Witches are the shades of mortals who practiced dark magic during their lives, presumably involving harm to themselves and others. They only appear in Tartarus.

When attacking, Witches fire off a moderately fast-moving orb of purple energy that can be destroyed with any type of attack.

Elite Witches fire a volley of three orbs per attack.

Codex entry[]

'...Practitioners of foul arts, their lives inevitably were cut short, but now continue in a way within the bowels of the earth. Here, the sole remaining source of purpose that they have is to snuff out the final vestiges of life that find their way into this grim domain.'


  • Prior to the Big Bad Update, Witches appeared in all three of the currently existing biomes of the game (Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium). They had different attack patterns depending on the biome they appeared in. After the Big Bad Update, these differently attacking variants became the Spreader and the Splitter.