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Wretched Thug
Wretched Thug.png
Location Tartarus
Combat Style Mid-range melee
Health 160
Armor 480
Base Damage 10

Wretched Thugs are the shades of mortals who were particularly brutish, cruel, unscrupulous, and violent in life. They wield heavy weapons foraged from the River Styx.

Thugs move slowly and attack with a charged swing of their heavy clubs, which pushes them forward a short distance. As such, they have a fairly long reach.

Codex entry[]

'...The dead in Tartarus are here, in general, because they did not deserve a noble death. They were knaves, scoundrels, cutthroats - the worst that mortals have to offer. Even now, reduced merely to shades, they are compelled by evil thoughts, and take to brandishing about crude weapons washed down by the River Styx...'