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Wretched Pest
Wretched Pest.png
Location Tartarus
Combat Style Traps
Health 40
Armor 60
Base Damage 5 (per mine)

Wretched Pests are spirits made up of the ashes of multiple deceased mortals. These spirits take up residence in burial urns and hide among pottery to cause trouble for other Underworld residents.

Pests have no direct attacks. Instead, they throw proximity mines around the field which trigger when approached or when the Pest is defeated.

Codex entry[]

'...The ashes of the dead are copious within the Underworld, sometimes congealing into awful little spirits keen to cause whatever strife and mischief that they can. These wretches house themselves in long-forgotten urns, almost like underwater crabs choosing ignoble homes from derelict sea-shells.'

Additional Notes[]

  • Wretched Pests were once called "Wretched Thieves"; the enemy name was changed in Early Access Patch 5.