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A full Well of Charon.
The riches of the Underworld sometimes rise up from the suffocating dark.

The Well of Charon is an interactive shop that can be found in the Underworld. Temporary buffs can be purchased at the well to assist escape attempts.

Wells will not spawn during the first run on a new save, nor will they spawn in the first four chambers of Tartarus. They will also not spawn within two chambers of each other, or three in Tartarus. A Well of Charon is guaranteed to appear in the Stairway immediately following a boss.

Charon's Bone Hourglass increases the duration of Well items purchased after equipping the keepsake by an additional 4, 6 or 8 encounters, depending on the keepsake's level. The Loyalty Card, which is obtained by defeating the boatman in a mini-boss fight, will reduce the prices of Well items by 20%.


The five rivers flowing through the Underworld imbue the dead's detritus with great power.
Item Description Price Duration
Aether Net.png

Aether Net

You start Encounter(s) with your God Gauge 15% full. 15 Obols 6 Encounters
Braid of Atlas.png

Braid of Atlas

Your Cast deals +50% damage. 20 Obols 6 Encounters
Centaur Soul.png

Centaur Soul

Gain +25Health (without restoring Health). 100 Obols Instant
Chimaera Jerky.png

Chimaera Jerky

Your Special deals +40% damage. 35 Obols 6 Encounters
Cyclops Jerky.png

Cyclops Jerky

Your Attack deals +30% damage. 40 Obols 6 Encounters
Eris Bangle.png

Eris Bangle

You deal +50% damage striking undamaged foes. 30 Obols 6 Encounters
Eye of Lamia.png

Eye of Lamia

Slain foes have a 15% chance to drop healing items. 25 Obols 3 Encounters
Fateful Twist.png

Fateful Twist

Gain a random item offered from the Well of Charon. 45 Obols Instant
Flame Wheels Release.png

Flame Wheels Release

Prevent Flame Wheel foes from appearing in Encounter(s). 75 Obols 10 Encounters
Gaea's Treasure.png

Gaea's Treasure

Gain 11-14 Gemstone (WIP) Obols = 350% Gemstone (rounded up) Instant


You recover 10% Health when you enter a chamber. 45 Obols 3 Chambers
Ignited Ichor.png

Ignited Ichor

Gain 20% move speed. 10 Obols 8 Encounters
Kiss of Styx.png

Kiss of Styx

Replenish 1 use of Death Defiance. 200 Obols Instant
Life Essence.png

Life Essence

Restore up to 22-38% Health (rounded up). Obols = 65-80% Health (rounded down) Instant
Light of Ixion.png

Light of Ixion

Ensure a Chaos Gate will spawn ahead (where possible). 40 Obols Until Spawn
Nail of Talos.png

Nail of Talos

You deal +50% damage to Armor. 65 Obols 6 Encounters
Nemesis Crest.png

Nemesis Crest

You deal +50% damage striking foes from behind. 60 Obols 6 Encounters
Night Spindle.png

Night Spindle

Gain +1 use of your Chthonic Companion's Summon. 40Obols Instant
Price of Midas.png

Price of Midas

Gain Obols = 1.1 - 1.8x Health cost (for a blood price) (WIP) 10-50 Health Instant
Prometheus Stone.png

Prometheus Stone

Gain +1 Cast Ammo for your Cast. 50 Obols 6 Encounters
Skeletal Lure.png

Skeletal Lure

Ensure a Fishing Point will spawn ahead (where possible). 60 Obols Until Spawn
Stygian Shard.png

Stygian Shard

Traps deal +500% damage to your foes. 35 Obols 6 Encounters
Tinge of Erebus.png

Tinge of Erebus

Gain 12-26 Darkness Obols = 75% Darkness (rounded down) Instant
Kiss of Styx.png

Touch of Styx

Your Stubborn Defiance restores +10% Health. <temp> 55 Obols 15 Encounters
Trove Tracker.png

Trove Tracker

Ensure a Infernal Trove will spawn ahead (where possible). 50 Obols Until Spawn
Yarn of Ariadne.png

Yarn of Ariadne

The next Boon you find has upgraded Rarity. 70 Obols Until next Boon
Upon demise, all Obols returned to Charon. All sales are final.