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The Twin Fists of Malphon are one of the Infernal Arms that can be unlocked for 8 Chthonic Keys after unlocking the first four weapons.

Codex entry[]

'...What is a weapon if not the extension of one's will to survive, to destroy? The ancient cyclopean forge-masters who created the Infernal Arms in accordance with the Fates' design must have understood this when they delivered the singular Twin Fists of Malphon in secret to the gods. Any other weapon must be held in hand, but Malphon bonds with its bearer utterly, engulfing them with primal strength and alacrity. It is said even the Olympians hesitated to embrace the Twin Fists, until Lady Demeter, her hands accustomed to tilling the land, stepped forward and accepted the gift. The Titans recoiled from Malphon's relentless attacks, overwhelmed by its fury, unable to defend against it as one might a spear or blade. The Titan Hyperion suffered the worst of it, his undying body pulverized to such an extent that even his legacy was destroyed. I can only imagine that was not the first such legacy brought to ruin; and that each time, Malphon created another, greater legacy in its wake. One to be told and retold for aeons to come.''

Fighting style[]

The primary attack of the Twin Fists is a set of low damage, but extremely fast, strikes that chain together in sets of five. The special is an uppercut that does more damage and hits twice. One unique feature of the Twin Fists is that there is a separate special attack that can be used as part of a dash, which only hits once but at a higher base damage. Additionally, it receives Dash-Strike damage bonuses as well as Special damage bonuses.


Attack Description Damage Effects
Pummel Hold attack for a sequence of attacks 15 Damage each Up to 5 hits before there is a pause and the sequence starts over
Rising Cutter Press Special for Rising Cutter. 30 Damage per hit Hits 2 times.
Dash-Strike Press Attack while Dashing. 25 Damage None
Dash-Upper Press Special while Dashing. 40 Damage None


The Twin Fists have 4 Aspects: Zagreus, Talos, Demeter and Gilgamesh. Like all other weapons, each Aspect has 5 levels that can be unlocked by spending Titan Blood. The higher the level of the Aspect, the more effective its improvement is. Reaching the highest level in all Aspects requires 51 Titan Blood. An Aspect will not only change the appearance of the Twin Fists, but will also improve its attacks. The Aspect of Gilgamesh has an unique move-set which changes the fighting style of the Twin Fists.

Skelly under the Aspect of Talos' Special Magnetic Cutter effect

Aspect Description Upgrade Cost Appearance
Zagreus Aspect Fists.png
Aspect of Zagreus
The form in which the Twin Fists first revealed themselves.

The twin fists are bound to their bearer, but most fiercely to each other.

Dodge Chance

(+5% / +8% / +10% / +13% / +15%)

1 / 1 / 1 / 1 / 1

(Total: 5 Titan Blood)

Zagreus Aspect Fists 02.png
Talos Aspect.png
Aspect of Talos
Your Special becomes Magnetic Cutter; its pull deals 20 damage.

They filled the bronze giant with power, conforming to its massive frame.

Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus

(+10% / +20% / +30% / +40% / +50%)

Bonus lasts 6 seconds after Special

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

(Total: 15 Titan Blood)

Talos Aspect Fists.png
Demeter Aspect.png
Aspect of Demeter
After landing 12 strikes, your next Special* hits more times.

They were a natural fit; her power to bring life, their power to take it.

Bonus Special Hits

(1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5)

2 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

(Total: 16 Titan Blood)

Demeter Aspect Fists.png
Gilgamesh Aspect.png
Aspect of Gilgamesh
You have the Claws of Enkidu, whose Dash-Upper can Maim** foes.

The god-king inherited the furry-man's savage strength and stout heart.

Maim Damage

(100 / 175 / 250 / 325/ 400)

3 / 3 / 3 /3 / 3

(Total: 15 Titan Blood)

Gilgamesh Aspect Fists.png

*Giga Cutter activates with Special Charged text and visual on Zagreus. Charged state does not persist through chambers. Uses the base damage of the special move it is activated by, including Dash-Upper.

**Maim causes the target to take an additional 25% damage and deal an additional 50% more damage to Zagreus. It lasts 4 seconds and deals a Doom-like burst of damage when it expires.

Revealing the Aspect of Gilgamesh[]

Skelly under the Aspect of Gilgamesh's Special Maim effect

Reveal the Aspect of Gilgamesh by meeting the following requirements:

  • Reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu (does not need to be unlocked with Titan Blood}
  • Have a total of 5 Titan Blood or more invested into Fist aspects
  • If you have not previously received the following dialogue from Asterius (in his chamber before the fight with Theseus), fight him with the Fists equipped until you do:
Huh. You mean to fight with me bare-handed this time, short one? I'm not ashamed to say the Champion himself defeated me in such a manner back when we drew breath.
  • Seek fights with Asterius (with any weapon equipped) in his chamber until he gives you the waking-phrase ("I see you overcome the wild and make peace with death")
  • Equip the Fists at the House and then interact with their placeholder to reveal the Aspect of Gilgamesh

Tip for finding Asterius:

You can see your current chamber number on the upper right corner of your Boons screen. When Asterius is present (you may also get the Dire Soul Catcher), he will be usually be in chamber 30. The door in the chamber leading to his will always have a Boon reward with a skull.

Aspect of Gilgamesh Moveset[]

Attack Description Damage Effects
Swipe Hold Attack for a sequence of attacks. 60 Damage each Up to 5 hits before there is a pause and the sequence starts over
Rising Cutter Press Special for Rising Cutter 30 Damage per hit Hits 2 times
Dash-Strike Press Attack while Dashing. 20 Damage None
Dash-Upper Press Special while Dashing. 40 Damage Maims foes

Claws of Enkidu also includes 2 extra dashes with the ability to Dash Rapidly by holding the dash button.


Upgrade Description Notes
Breaching Cross.png
Breaching Cross
Your Dash-Strike pierces foes and deals +900% damage to Armor
Rolling Knuckle.png
Rolling Knuckle
Your Dash-Strike deals +60% damage; added to Attack sequence.
  • Incompatible with Heavy Knuckle
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Gilgamesh
  • Performs the Dash-Strike in place without moving Zagreus. Allows chaining from one combo immediately to the next.
Long Knuckle.png
Long Knuckle
Your Attack has more range and deals +10% damage
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Gilgamesh
Draining Cutter.png
Draining Cutter
Whenever your Special slays foes, restore 2% life
Concentrated Knuckle.png
Concentrated Knuckle
Your Attack deals +5 base damage for each uninterrupted hit to a foe.
  • Resets whenever a combo is broken, including after the final hit of a combo, meaning this lasts for a maximum of 5 attacks.
Explosive Upper.png
Explosive Upper
Your Dash-Upper deals +100% damage in an area
  • Incompatible with Kinetic Launcher
Flying Cutter.png
Flying Cutter
Hold Special for longer range and up to +100% base damage
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Talos
  • Incompatible with Rush Kick or Kinetic Launcher
Rush Kick.png
Rush Kick
Your Special becomes an advancing kick that also deals 40 base damage twice
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Talos
  • Incompatible with Flying Cutter or Kinetic Launcher
  • Can cross gaps and low barriers when targeting enemies across them
Quake Cutter.png
Quake Cutter
After using your Special, deal 90 damage in an area where you land
  • Incompatible with Kinetic Launcher
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Demeter
  • Damage is modified by increases to Special damage.
Kinetic Launcher.png
Kinetic Launcher
Your Special becomes a charged ranged attack that deals 50 base damage.
  • Incompatible with Rush Kick, Flying Cutter, Explosive Upper or Quake Cutter
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Gilgamesh or Aspect of Talos
  • Can Power Shot for additional damage
Heavy Knuckle.png
Heavy Knuckle
Your Attack becomes a slower 3-hit sequence, each deals 40 base damage.
  • Incompatible with Rolling Knuckle
  • Incompatible with Aspect of Gilgamesh
Colossus Knuckle.png
Colossus Knuckle
While using your Attack or Special, you are Sturdy
Rending Claws.png
Rending Claws
Maim-afflicted foes take +25% damage and move 30% slower
  • Aspect of Gilgamesh exclusive