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Trial of the Gods is a type of encounter that rewards the player two boons from two different gods.


A trial is denoted by a pair of boons along with a skull marker indicating a difficult room. Two boons are offered near the exit(s) and Zagreus must choose one over the other. The spurned god becomes displeased and summon waves of armored enemies who gain a bonus effect based on the god's powers.

Duo Boons are not offered, although the gods may still offer to exchange already obtained boons.

Using the fully charged call of the spurned god triggers an aggressive voice line from that god to Zagreus, but this has no other implication otherwise.

After completing the trial, the spurned god forgives Zagreus and offers a boon. There is no penalty or advantage for spurning either god.

Spawning Conditions[]

Suppose Zagreus is in Nth room, for a Trial of the Gods to possibly spawn in the next room (N+1th), all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The player must have completed (do not have to clear) 3 (inclusive) runs.
  • The Biome cannot be Styx
  • Having received boons from at least 2 gods in the current run. The gods in the trial will be randomly chosen from all the gods Zagreus has received boons from.
  • 5 <= N < 34
  • If a Trial of the Gods has already spawned in the current run, current chamber's number must be at least 15 (non-inclusive) more than the last room that spawned it.
    • In other words, the difference of any two trial rooms' numbers must be at least 17 (inclusive)
  • The current room must have at least 2 exits
  • The current room must be at least the 3rd (inclusive) room in the current biome

This means there can be 0 to 2 Trials of the Gods in a single run. If a player wants to find 2 trials to receive more boons, the first trial must spawn in room 5th to 16th and the second in 22nd to 33rd. Considering that some room numbers are assigned to special rooms (e.g. the 12th room will always be the boss room of Tartarus), actual viable room ranges for finding two Trial of the Gods in a single run are even smaller.

Gods' Attacks[]

God Effect
Aphrodite Periodically summons a slow moving projectile which stuns and damages.
Athena Periodically grants invulnerability to enemies in an area which lasts for 2 to 3 seconds.
Ares Periodically spawns slow moving circles which inflict damage rapidly.
Artemis Periodically spawns in fast moving circles which explode randomly, dealing damage.
Demeter Periodically spawns a gradually enlarging circle from where enemy stands, that deals damage.
Dionysus Periodically and randomly spawns small circles that damage when touched.
Poseidon Periodically spawns waves that move around, dealing damage.
Zeus Periodically spawns circles which call lightning strikes, dealing damage.


If Zagreus possesses an Aid Boon given by the god not chosen in a Trial of the Gods and uses a Greater Call (a full God Gauge), the god will have unique dialogue when the attack is activated. The achievement Bad Call is obtained this way.