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Titan Blood is one of several Artifact currencies that can be earned within the Underworld. Along with Diamonds and Ambrosia, they are a resource obtained via bosses. It is primarily used to unlock and upgrade Weapon Aspects in the courtyard of the House of Hades, allowing Zagreus to customize his arsenal of Infernal Arms.

Codex entry[]

'... Deep within the unfathomable pits of Tartarus lie the remains of the Titans, who once ruled all between heaven and earth. Few traces yet remain of them, due to the thoroughness with which they were dispatched in the war waged by their offspring, the gods who now reside upon Olympus. Yet, those scarce traces do exist, and a terrible power rests within. A mere drop of their ichor, their blood, holds the memory of that catastrophic battle. It is enough to awaken within the weapons of that age a latent power that went dormant once the Titans who defied the gods were utterly defeated.'

Titan Blood Uses[]

Titan Blood is used to:

The amount of Titan Blood needed to fully upgrade any aspect is:

  • 5 Titan Blood for the first (Zagreus) aspect
  • 15 Titan Blood for the second aspect
  • 16 Titan Blood for the third aspect
  • 15 Titan Blood for the fourth (hidden) aspect

Fully upgrading all aspects on all weapons requires 306 Titan Blood.

Fully upgrading all aspects, Resource Director ranks (not including non-Titan Blood currencies), and purchasing the Stygian Theme requires a total of 326 Titan Blood.

Obtaining Titan Blood[]

Titan Blood is earned through 6 sources:

A total of 295 Titan Blood can be obtained through defeating bosses and fulfilling prophecies from the Fated List.

The Wretched Broker can be used to obtain Titan Blood through:

  • Repeatable trades: 1 Titan Blood for 1000 Gemstone, or 100 Chthonic Key, or 20 Nectar, or 2 Diamond, or 1 Ambrosia
  • Limited Time Offers, the most easily accessible being 1 Titan Blood for 15 Chthonic Key, and the chain trade of 1 Ambrosia for 10 Nectar plus the 1 Titan Blood for 1 Ambrosia repeatable trade. Other conversion methods using multiple LTOs are possible but harder to arrange.

Occasionally, 1 Titan Blood can be purchased from Charon's shop in the Temple of Styx for 1200 Obols (or 960 Obols if Zagreus is in possession of a Loyalty Card).

Finally, 1 Titan Blood may be obtained by catching sturgeon, either in Greece or in the final boss arena, and trading it to the Head Chef. Alternatively, if you fail to catch a sturgeon and get a bass instead, you can choose to trade the resulting Ambrosia for 1 Titan Blood at the Wretched Broker.

How much Titan Blood is needed through the broker, Charon's Shop, and fishing if 295 has been obtained from bosses and the Fated List?

  • 11 Titan Blood is needed for weapon upgrades only
  • 21 Titan Blood is needed for weapon upgrades plus either the Stygian Theme or the ranks from the Resource Director
  • 31 Titan Blood is needed for weapon upgrades, the Stygian Theme, and the ranks from the Resource Director