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The Crossroads: that haven hidden 'twixt the surface and the Underworld conceals those still loyal to Lord Hades, rightful ruler of the dead.
~ Narrator

The Crossroads is a location between the Underworld and the Surface. It is ruled by Hecate. The Crossroads serves as a safe haven, home and base of operations for those that have been displaced by Chronos' takeover of the Underworld.

The Crossroads serves as the main hub of Hades II, similar to how the House of Hades was in Hades.

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'You belong in the house of Hades. But instead, you are here. Unseen, with scant few others, amid paths that can take you any which way. Choose carefully where you go from here.'

Residents[ | ]

Visitors[ | ]

Sub-Locations[ | ]

Melinoë's Tent[ | ]

The modestly appointed tent of fierce Princess Melinoë nonetheless is dutifully organized and immaculately clean.
~ Narrator
Melinoë's Tent in The Crossroads.

Melinoë's Tent in The Crossroads.

The place in The Crossroads where Melinoë returns once casting her spell to "Return to Shadow, now!"

Melinoë's Tent is further divided into two spaces.

Magick Circle[ | ]

LC - Mel's Tent, Ritual Circle

Melinoë's ritual space.

This space is small and circular, verdant similarly to Elysium in the first game. Around it, large stones with incriptions float above the edges, which seem to bathe in the River Cocytus, the body of water that runs through The Crossroads. Frinos can be seen perched on a rock near the back, content.

The middle of the ritual circle comprises two distinct circle markings, one wider than, and encompassing the other. The widest circle has three stones placed over it, which are equidistant to each other. All stones have a distinct symbol written over their surface.

The smallest circle is in the middle of the widest. Instead of marking the grass, it marks a round stone with a circle, a triangle, and a collection of inscriptions. Around the markings, there can be seen what appears to be a slice of pomegranate, a shard of darkness stone, and two gold coins (it is indistinguishable if the coins are the ones made my Chronos or if they are still Charon's Obol). Melinoë transports herself directly above this circle when losing a run.

Living Space[ | ]

LC - Mel's Tent, Living Space

Melinoë's living space.

This area is the main part of the overall tent. Its limits are defined by an assortment of purple fabric (which could presumably be silk provided by Arachne, considering the colors are similar to the silk robes she provides Melinoë when aiding her in her run) that seem to hang from above, and inside, there can be seen an assortment of books, flasks, and rugs addorning the space in a very organized fashion (unlike Zagreus's Room, which, according to the Narrator in the first game, was in a "perpetual state of dissarray".)

In the middle of the living space, there is a small table with a lit candle above it and a cushioned seat. In the back of the living space, there is a small area, not unlike a shrine, Melinoë dedicated to her missing family (her father Hades, her mother Persephone, and her older brother Zagreus) On a corner table with a bouquet and pomegranates sits a piece of parchment paper with an unfinished portrait of Melinoë as a baby surrounded by her family; a portrait Hecate brought with herself when fleeing the fallen House of Hades.

Usually, Dora can be seen floating in this living space.

The Cauldron[ | ]

LC - The Cauldron

The Cauldron.

A section of The Crossroads where Hecate usually occupies along with four witches. This area is surrounded by pottery, all filled with a liquid that constantly lets off steam. Towards the right side, thick tree roots can be seen framing a large circle inscribed on the ground, which is marked with runes and symbols.

In the middle of this circle is a large cauldron, which is constantly filled with green, boiling liquid. This cauldron can be used by Melinoë to concoct incantations.

Nemesis' Post[ | ]

The unhappy goddess of comeuppance casts her judging gaze on all within the Crossroads, which she safeguards out of duty, and of spite.
~ Narrator
LC - Nemesis' Post

Nemesis' Post.

A section of The Crossroads where Nemesis usually occupies along with two tall guard shades. This area is defined by a circular lining of stone filled with mosaic tiles. Over this area, there is an assortment of pottery, also filled with liquid, and filled with burning embers. The edges of Nemesis' post are surrounded by rocks and tall, pale grass.

Odysseus' Post[ | ]

Not even the wiles and stratagems of that resourceful sacker of cities, Odysseus, may be sufficient to overcome the Titan of Time...

~ Narrator
LC - Odysseus' Post

Odysseus' Post.

A section of The Crossroads where Odysseus usually occupies. It is small compared to other areas, only consisting of a short path of planks, a wooden table with a piece of purple fabric, and a silver foundation with inscriptions marked on the perimeters of its top. This foundation holds a pot filled with liquid and an assortment of lit wax candles.

Hypnos' Corner[ | ]

LC - Hypno's Corner

Hypno's Corner.

An area of The Crossroads reserved for Hypnos. This section is demarcated by a collection of six tall pillars surrounding a tiny patch of dark stone flooring. This patch of stone and the tops of the pillars are all surrounded by a field of poppies, which are the flowers known to symbolize sleep.

Three shades can be seen always accompanying Hypnos as he sleeps in the middle of this area. Two of them hold a makeshift hammock, also littered with poppies, for Hypnos to sleep comfortably on, and one of them stands guard behind him, constantly.

Hecuba and Gale[ | ]

LC - The Unfinished Pets

Hecuba and Gale.

Behind The Cauldron's space, in the beginning of the game, there is an area dedicated to Hecate's two pets: Hecuba and Gale. Hecuba is a dog with black fur wearing a silver collar and bronze bracelets on its front paws. Gale is a polecat with light brown fur wearing a green rope collar. They often go out to scout the area and perform other errands for Hecate.

Unfortunately, after unlocking The Hot Springs, they completely vanish from the entire game (as of yet: May 30th, 2024). It's also unknown if they'll eventually become familiars of Melinoë.

The Pathway to the River[ | ]

LC - The Pathway to the River

The Pathway to the River.

Below Melinoë's Tent, there is an area which is mostly empty, save for a few mushrooms, stones, and a large gate with a red rune painted on it guarded by two tall shades. Eris, when visiting The Crossroads, will usually occupy this area .

In the beginning of the game, by trying to engage with the gate, it is understood that the River Cocytus, the body of water that runs through The Crossroads, has flooded, and therefore, it is impossible to traverse beyond the gates.

The gates only get unsealed after performing an incantation at The Cauldron to unlock The Fishing Pier.

Unlockable Sub-Locations[ | ]

The Fated List[ | ]

The last will of the Three Fates, those reclusive determiners of all that is to come, is now under the Princess of the Underworld's care.
~ Narrator
LC - The Fated List

The The Fated List of Minor Profecies.

An area of The Crossroads where Melinoë may check the predictions the Fates weaved for her journey. Once unlocked by concocting the Fated Intervention incantation in The Cauldron, the list will be placed to the right of it over a small ring of stone. The list itself and its decorations float above the ground, and around them, plants and mushrooms grow. A fortune teller crystal ball floats on a pot with liquid behind the list, and on its right, is located a small cushioned seat.

After concocting the Doomed Beckoning incantation in The Cauldron, Moros will usually stand by the list.

The Garden[ | ]

LC - The Garden

The Garden with six plots of soil.

An area of The Crossroads where Melinoë may plant the seeds she finds during her runs when using the shovel. This area is located below Odysseus' Post and, once unlocked by concocting the Flourishing Soil incantation in The Cauldron, the garden can be progressively developed by concocting more spells; at first unlocking two additional plots of soil (Rich Soil incantation), then another additional two (Verdant Soil incantation).

Occasionally, Odysseus will walk by the garden to check on the plants.

The Hot Springs[ | ]

A small spring draws its heat from deep within the earth, its waters so pristine and pure that they can cleanse the body and the soul.
~ Narrator
LC - The Hot Springs

The Hot Springs.

An area of The Crossroads where Melinoë may unwind alongside a guest of her choosing. The Hot Springs are unlocked after concocting the Rite of Vapor-Cleansing incantation in The Cauldron, and may be used after offering Bath Salts to a potential guest.

The Springs comprise a round green-glowing pool of warm water that has the River Phlegethon as its heat source. Thick slabs of light-colored stone partially covered with grass make the flooring around the pool and five pillars draped in leaves and blue fabric adorn the edges of the area alongside stones marked with the same symbols seem in Melinoë's Tent's ritual circle. Shades can be seen floating around the warm water with towels around their midsections as if about to submerge themselves, despite most likely not being able to feel the heat.

Once the Hot Springs are used, in-game time is fast-forwarded to the equivalent of traversing 12 chambers.

The Fishing Pier[ | ]

Liquid lamentation flows through the River Cocytus, yet even in such hopeless waters, certain creatures learn to live and thrive.
~ Narrator
LC - The Fishing Pier

The Fishing Pier.

An area of The Crossroads where Melinoë may unwind alongside a guest of her choosing. The Fishing Pier is unlocked after concocting the Rite of River-Fording incantation in The Cauldron, and may be used after offering the Twin Lures to a potential guest.

The Fishing Pier comprises a short wooden dock with a wooden square archway. The River Cocytus surrounds most of the area, and on its surface, multiple lily pads float about. On the edges where the water meets the ground of The Crossroads there are sprouts of weeds and moss that make the scenery.

Once the Fishing Pier is used, in-game time is fast-forwarded to the equivalent of traversing 16 chambers.

The Taverna[ | ]

Fleeting is the sense of hope or joy within the Crossroads, yet what little may emerge is often concentrated in the small taverna there.
~ Narrator
LC - The Taverna

The Taverna.

An area of The Crossroads where Melinoë may unwind alongside a guest of her choosing. The Taverna is unlocked after concocting the Rite of Social Solidarity incantation in The Cauldron, and may be used after offering Ambrosia to a potential guest.

The Taverna has a design that is reminiscent of the Lounge in the first game: There are four tables distributed about the space, each supporting sets of plates and cutlery alongside a floating star-shaped candle. There's a pot held over a bonfire in the center of the Taverna, and on the left, back side, there is a bar structure made of a hollowed-out tree trunk and a wooden counter, where a shade stands behind.

Further in the game, once the incantations "Summoning of Personal Insights" and "Summoning of Historical Travails" are completed, both the Record Keeper and the Learned Sage shades will occupy the Taverna, respectively.

Once the Taverna is occupied, in-game time is fast-forwarded to the equivalent of traversing 20 chambers.

The Broker's Shop[ | ]

After ever-scheming Chronos claimed the House of Hades, Shades of the Dead residing there all scattered to the ends of the earth.
~ Narrator
LC - Broker's shop

The Broker's shop.

A place in The Crossroads where the Wretched Broker will reside when the "Summoning of Mercantile Fortune" incantation is completed in The Cauldron.

The Broker's shop is much more quaint, if compared to the way it used to be in the first game: The broker does not sit behind a counter like he once did, and the luxury before provided by the House of Hades is completely gone. Even so, the Broker's business does not seem to have waned a bit, if the piles of darkness stone, golden coins, and nectar the Broker floats beside are taken into account.

Just below the Broker, a small wooden pier holding a chest can be seen. The chest is Charon's Stash, and it can be used by Melinoë to order special items by spending Obol Points.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It's possible that the Crossroads are meant to represent concepts such as Limbo or Purgatory. Places which are said to exist somewhere between the afterlife and the physical world much like how the Crossroads are described.
    • It may also be a reference to the legends of the fairy rings said to be gateways leading to the realm of the Fae and the origin of all magic within the universe.
  • When Melinoë returns to The Crossroads after fighting an end boss from either route, a group of six small shades will follow her in a line.