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The Bug Report window used in Styx, showing the draw function.

Solutions to frequently encountered issues can be found in the Technical Support FAQ on Steam.

Hades uses an integrated bug-report function.

By default this function is assigned to the f10 key if not changed by the player in the control segment of the options menu, labeled as "Report Bug". Pressing the f10 during the game will tab the user out of the game, thereby pausing the game, and bring up a new window named "Hades - Bug Report".

The window includes:

  • Tips for proper bug reporting and additional information.
  • The option to include your name and email for additional contact from Supergiant Games should it be needed.
  • A field for describing the bug.
  • A screen capture from the moment the player pressed f10. It is possible to draw in this window using the mouse if highlighting areas of interest is needed.
  • Submit button, pressing this button will submit the bug report and bring the player back to the game where it was paused.
  • An information field with information of agreeing to supply Supergiant Games with the information stated.
  • Field showing included data sent with the bug report, including game version, computer hardware and software specifications, region, screenshot file path and lastly RAM usage at the point of capture.

Submitting the bug using the submit button, or deciding to not submit a report and closing the windows with the red x in the upper right corner, will bring the player back to the game and resume it. There are no effects on the current run or the game by doing this, and can be regarded the same as a regular alt-tab.

Supergiant Games general stance is that using the integrated bug report function is their preferred, if not exclusive, way of receiving standard bug reports, rather than other means of communication such as for example the Hades subReddit, Email, Twitter, Facebook, or regular mail.