Hades Wiki
Location Elysium
Combat Style Various
Health 450
Armor 350
Base Damage ?

Strongbows are former warriors and heroes of Elysium who wielded bows during life, and are bound to them in death. Like the other Exalted of Elysium, when they are defeated, their lingering souls will try to re-arm and respawn, and must be dispatched before they can do so.

Codex entry[]

'...I always thought archers were simple cowards, no matter their skill. But I am not the one deciding who enters Elysium, as can be plainly seen by the abundance of such skillful arrow-flingers as these Exalted Strongbows, as they are sometimes known. They revel still in seeing who among them can let loose their arrows with the greatest skill; preferring live target practice to the more-conventional kind. Death can no longer stop them from improving in their mastery, however slowly that improvement comes at this late stage in their careers.'