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Hades II

Status Effects are conditions which affect enemies or Melinoë. These often debilitate enemies in some various way (debuffs), but can also provide positive benefits (buffs), in particular to Melinoë.

Buffs[ | ]

Increased Damage[ | ]

Increased Damage is gained through Arcana Cards. Boons, Daedalus Hammer upgrades, keepsakes, blessings offered by characters in mid-biome encounters, and some aspects of Weapons. Temporary buffs are generally expressed with an effect visible on Melinoë.

Each buff can affect different types of damage sources which each have different base damages. Damage sources include:

  • Attack
  • Ω Attack
  • Special
  • Ω Special
  • Cast
  • Ω Cast
  • Dash-Strike
  • Sprint
  • Status Curses
  • Other Boons

Many upgrades, aspects, and boons affect standard Attacks/Specials/Casts independently from their Omega (Ω) counterparts.

More detail about damage calculation can be found here: Damage Calculation.

Reduced Damage[ | ]

Reduced Damage affects the damage dealt by enemies. It can be gained from the following sources:

  • Aphrodite
    • Many of Aphrodite's boons inflict Weak, which reduces outgoing damage from enemies by 30-46%
    • Island Getaway (duo boon with Poseidon): permanently reduces incoming damage by 15%
  • Demeter
    • Frosty Veneer: While you have at least 6 Water, you cannot take more than 15 damage per hit.
  • Hephaestus
    • Fixed Gain: -10% incoming damage
  • Hera
    • Brave Face: Automatically use Magick to resist up to 50% of any damage
  • Selene
    • Steadfastness: When your Hex is not ready, take 5% less damage. (Requires Phase Shift Hex)
    • Selflessness: Your raised servants take 20% of any damage you would have otherwise taken. (Requires Night Bloom Hex)
    • Bearing: During your Hex, you take 10% less damage. (Requires Lunar Ray Hex)
  • Keepsakes
  • Well of Charon
    • Python Scales: -10% incoming damage (lasts 8 Encounters)
    • Breath of Eros: When next you would take damage, receive Health in that amount instead. Expires after 1 Hit(s).

Trap damage is unaffected.

Reduced damage is multiplicative; therefore, it's impossible to have 100% damage reduction. Details about about calculation can be found here: Damage Calculation.

Armor Armor[ | ]

Armor hp
Not to be confused by the Armor that Elite enemies can get.

Armor is a protective barrier that blocks a certain amount of damage before breaking.

Armor is gained from:

  • Arachne's Silken Fineries
    • Scarlet Dress: +10
    • Moonlight Dress: +20
    • Lavender Dress: +30
    • Azure Dress: +40
    • Emerald Dress: +50
    • Onyx Dress: +60
  • Charon's Shop
    • Sells +20 Armor for 40Gold
  • Fields of Mourning
    • +20 Armor as a possible minor reward
  • Hephaestus
    • Trusty Shield: +10/+15/+20/+25
    • Heavy Metal: +50/+75/+100/+125
  • Icarus' Latest Invetions
    • Destructive Coating +40
    • Protective Coating: +80
  • Keepsake
    • Silken Sash (Arachne): +20
      • Note: Gains additional armor if you have at least 1 Armor. Armor gain: +2/+3/+4

Impervious[ | ]


Impervious reduces all incoming damage to zero. Most Guardians have this status effect (visible as a translucent blue shield) during certain phases of their fight. It is also available to Melinoë through certain boons, keepsakes, and Path of Stars upgrades.

  • Hephaestus
    • Mint Condition: Grants Impervious for 8 Sec
  • Keepsake
    • Engraved Pin (Moros): After you fall to 0 Health, become Impervious for 10 Sec
  • Selene
    • Dark Side: Your Hex turns you into an Impervious living nightmare with her own abilities for 5 Sec. (Requires Dark Side Hex)
    • Tenacity: After using your Hex, you are Impervious for 1 Sec. (Requires Wolf Howl Hex)
    • Radiance: Your Hex makes you Impervious for 2 Sec. (Requires Moon Water Hex)
    • Eminence: After using your Hex, you are Impervious until the blast. (Requires Total Eclipse Hex)

Using a Death Defiance also briefly grants Impervious.

Dodge[ | ]

Dodge is the ability to ignore an attack made by an enemy. Dodging an attack completely negates all damage and effects that would be caused by an attack. Dodge chance is additive (stacking), meaning it's possible to reach 100% dodge and be nigh invincible.

Dodge Chance is gained from:

  • Aphrodite
    • Wispy Wiles: +15%
  • Circe
    • Word of Smaller Stature: +15%
  • Hermes
    • Greater Evasion: +10%/+15%/+20%/+25%
  • Echo
    • Evade Evade Evade: +50%
      • Note: This Dodge Chance loses its base percentage by 2% when dodging an attack
  • Selene
    • Tension: While your Hex is not ready, you have +1% chance to Dodge (requires Dark Side Hex)
  • Arcana Cards
    • V - The Messenger: +6%/+8%/+10%/+12%

Increased Move Speed[ | ]

Increased Movement Speed affects how quickly Melinoë moves and/or Sprints, and is signified by a movement trailing effect behind her. Movement Speed bonuses are multiplicative.

Movement Speed is gained from:

  • Hermes
    • Midnight Oil: +15%/+20%/+25%/+30% movement speed while your Hex is ready.
    • Nitro Boost: +15% Sprint speed
  • Apollo
    • Blinding Sprint: +15%/+20%/+25%/+30% Sprint speed
  • Chaos
    • Celerity: You move and sprint 30%/40%/50%/60% faster
  • Circe
    • Word of Smaller Stature: +15% movement speed
  • Selene
    • Premonition: +15% movement speed while your Hex is not ready (Requires Wolf Howl Hex)
    • Alacrity: +30% movement speed during your Hex (Requires Dark Side Hex)
  • Arcana
    • XI - The Swift Runner: 5%/7%/10%/11% Sprint speed
  • Well of Charon
    • Ignited Ichor: +20% movement speed (lasts 8 Encounters)

UnLife Shielded[ | ]

Shielded enemy

Shielded is a stacking status effect that prevents X instances of damage. It is granted to enemies by banners in the Chronos fight and in the City of Ephyra, or when the Vow of Rebuke is active.

A Shielded enemy will have a blue health bar, and the number of hits Shielded can absorb is indicated by a number of blue hearts.

When Melinoë is Shielded, a faceted green and yellow bubble will shimmer around her. Sources of Shielded include:

  • Demeter
    • Snow Queen: Absorbs 1 instance of damage
  • Hermes
    • Nitro Boost: Absorbs 1+ instances of damage

Block[ | ]

Block prevents incoming damage from one or multiple sides for a certain duration.

Unlike Shielded, Block has no limit to the number of attacks nullified and will expire whether or not its user is struck; and unlike Impervious, Block leaves its user vulnerable on at least one side.

A type of Block is available to Melinoë via the Aspect of Artemis on the Sister Blades, and the Special on the Moonstone Axe.

Certain enemies, such as Satyr Hoplites and Shellbacks, use Block.

Debuffs[ | ]

Status Curses[ | ]

Status Curses are a variety of temporary effects inflicted under certain circumstances. Each God (with the exception of Chaos, Hades and Hermes) has at least one boon capable of inflicting a Status Curse. Melinoë cannot be inflicted with Status Curses herself.

Name Description Duration Source
Weak Afflicted foes deal at least 30% less damage. 3 Sec. Aphrodite
Daze Afflicted foes have 20% chance to deal no damage. 9 Sec. Apollo
Marked Afflicted foes have +30% chance to take Critical damage. 6 Sec. Artemis
Cyclone Afflicted foes are 20% slower and their ranged shots 60% slower. 3 Sec. Demeter
Freeze Afflicted foes are stopped for 2 Sec. Can be reapplied after 10 Sec. 2 Sec.
Vent After 4 Sec., afflicted foes take a burst of damage. Timer resets if re-applied. 4 Sec. Hephaestus
Hitch Afflicted foes take 30% of damage dealt to other afflicted foes. 8 Sec. Hera
Scorch Afflicted foes take 80 damage accrued from this every 1 Sec. 1 Sec. Hestia
Slip Afflicted foes take more damage and are knocked farther away. 3 Sec. Poseidon
Morph Afflicted foes turn into harmless critters. 8 Sec. Selene
Blitz After taking 120 damage, afflicted foes get struck by lightning. 3 Sec. Zeus

Status Curse Punished[ | ]

With the Origination Arcana Card active, an enemy is Punished and takes additional damage while inflicted with 2 or more different Status Curses. Enemies that are Punished have the icon (Status_Curse) next to their health bar.

“Blessing” of Strife II Blessing of Strife[ | ]

The Blessing of Strife is a debuff given by Eris on certain encounters (except her boss fight), that increases damage taken by +20% and gains more damage taken by an additional +5% whenever you clear Encounters. The only way to remove this debuff is by failing a night.

Charmed[ | ]

Aphrodite's Duo Boon Ecstatic Obsession inflicts Charmed on enemies. Charmed causes those enemies to attack other enemies, and deal no damage to Melinoë while charmed. While Bosses can be charmed, the charm lasts for a significantly shorter duration than on a normal enemy, though this will still disrupt a boss’s attack like a stun. Charmed does not count as a Status Curse, despite the fact that it comes from an Olympian god.

Charmed lasts until the end of an Encounter.

Chthonic Fate[ | ]

Chthonic Fate is a unique debuff that appears once Melinoë reaches the surface for the first time. It deals 1Health self damage that increases per 5 seconds, making it impossible to do any surface runs. To permanently remove the Chthonic Fate, the Cauldron melcurse Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantation must be performed.

Stun[ | ]

Stun interrupts Melinoë's actions and prevents her from moving or attacking for a certain duration. The effect is represented by a star rapidly orbiting around her head.

Sources of Stun and Stun-like effects include:

  • Certain enemy abilities
    • Jetty: Sends out a sonic wave that stuns several times in quick succession
    • Tempus: On death, explodes into a time bubble that stops both enemies and allies
    • Chronos: Summons both large and small time bubbles that stops both enemies and allies
  • Traps and other environmental obstacles
  • Chaos's Paralyzing Curse

Many Stuns also inflict Knockback.