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Status Effects are conditions which affect enemies or Zagreus. These often debilitate enemies in some various way (debuffs), but can also provide positive benefits (buffs), in particular to Zagreus.


Increased Damage[]

Increased Damage is gained with Boons, Daedalus Hammer upgrades, aspects of Weapons, or abilities from the Mirror of Night. Temporary buffs are generally expressed with an effect visible on Zagreus.

Each buff can affect different types of damage sources which each have different base damages (Attack, Dash-Strike, Special, Dash-Upper, Cast, Status Curses, Revenge Damage, and other boons). Daedalus Hammer upgrades and Chaos's Boons affect Attack and Dash-Strike independently of each other, but for other gods' Boons, buffs that increase Attack affect both basic Attack and Dash-Strike. The same is true for Special and Dash-Upper.

Several buffs apply to all types of damage, such the Eris Aspect and the Targeting System Daedalus Hammer upgrade for the Adamant Rail, Dionysus's Bad Influence, Aphrodite's Sweet Surrender, and Ares's Blood Frenzy.

More detail about calculation can be found here: Damage Calculation.

Reduced Damage[]

Reduced Damage affects the damage dealt by enemies. It can be gained from Aphrodite's Weak effects and Different League, Athena's Bronze Skin, and Dionysus's High Tolerance. It can also be gained from Achilles' Myrmidon Bracer Keepsake, the Mirror of Night upgrade Abyssal Blood, and the Stygian Blade's Aspect of Arthur. These sources of Reduced Damage do not affect Traps or the Temple of Styx's Poison, which can only be reduced with Athena's Sure Footing.

Reduced damage is multiplicative; therefore, it's impossible to have 100% damage reduction. Details about about calculation can be found here: Damage Calculation.


Sturdy is gained from some Daedalus Hammer upgrades or Hermes' Hyper Sprint.

When Sturdy, you take 30% less damage and your actions aren’t interrupted by taking damage. A light shield is visible on Zagreus when Sturdy is active.


Dodge Chance is gained from Hermes' Greater Evasion, Second Wind, Lambent Plume, Zagreus's Twin Fists aspect, and Ruthless Reflex. Dodging an attack completely negates all damage and effects that would be caused by an attack. Dodge chance is additive and it's possible to reach 100% dodge and be nigh invincible.

Increased Move Speed[]

Increased Movement Speed is granted by Hermes boons, such as Greater Haste, Hyper Sprint, or Second Wind, Zagreus's Stygian Blade aspect, and with Lambent Plume, and is signified by a movement trailing effect coming from Zagreus. Like other buffs, the speed increase is additive.


Some boons, like some Aids, Athena's Divine Protection, Dash, or Holy Shield, offer shields which protect Zagreus from incoming damage, making him invulnerable while shielded.

Voidstones can provide shields to enemies near them, and bosses gain shields while they are between phases, such as when the Bone Hydra summons additional heads to fight for it. Charmed Voidstones can provide shields to Zagreus.

When taking a large amount of damage in a short time, a short shield is provided to Zagreus. Hell Mode removes this shield with its exclusive pact option, Personal Liability.


Status Curses[]

A temporary debilitating effect inflicted by the Olympian gods.

Status Curses are a variety of temporary effects inflicted under certain circumstances. Each Olympian god (with the exception of Hermes) has at least one boon capable of inflicting a Status Curse. Zagreus cannot be inflicted with Status Curses himself, except for when fighting Theseus after he calls for Olympian Aid.

Status Curse Description Time Associated God
Weak For at least 4 Seconds, victim deals at least 30% less damage. 4 seconds Aphrodite
Ruptured For 3 Seconds, victim takes rapid damage every 0.2 seconds while moving. 3 seconds Poseidon
Hangover For 4 Seconds, victim takes damage every 0.5 seconds. Effect can stack up to 5 times by default. 4 seconds Dionysus
Marked For 6 Seconds, victim has a higher chance of taking one Critical damage from any attack. 6 seconds Artemis
Jolted Victim's next attack self-inflicts lightning damage that harms itself and nearby foes. Next time enemy attack or 10 seconds Zeus
Exposed For 5 Seconds, victim takes more damage when struck from behind. 5 seconds Athena
Doom After at least 1 Second, victim takes a burst of damage. 1 second Ares
Chill Victim is slowed by 4%. Effect can stack up to 10 times. 8 seconds Demeter


With the Privileged Status ability active in the Mirror of Night, an enemy is Punished and takes additional damage while inflicted with 2 or more different Status Curses. Enemies that are Punished have the icon (Status_Curse) next to their health bar.

If Doom is one of the 2 Status Curses counting towards Punished, the burst of damage will be increased by the Punished status, since Doom inflicts damage immediately before it expires.


Some Aphrodite boons inflict Charmed on enemies. Charmed causes those enemies to attack other enemies, and deal no damage to Zagreus while charmed. While Bosses can be charmed, the charm lasts for a significantly shorter duration than on a normal enemy, though this will still disrupt a boss’s attack like a stun. Charmed does not count as a Status Curse, despite the fact that it comes from an Olympian god.


Stuns prevent an enemy inflicted with them from moving or attacking, interrupting their previous action. Some boons, such as Trippy Shot, can inflict brief stuns. Most weapon attacks and some specials inflict small duration stuns (more commonly referred to as "staggers") which interrupt enemy attacks and movements. Wall Slams and Traps also inflict stuns on enemies. Some attacks in the game can also stun Zagreus, such as Lord Hades' Vase Summon. The Duo Boon of Athena and Poseidon gives Zagreus immunity to being stunned. Bosses cannot be stunned.


Petrified is a debuff inflicted by Gorgon and Megagorgon projectiles. It prevents Zagreus from moving or attacking until he breaks free by rapidly dashing or attacking. The projectiles can also be deflected (with Athena's boons) at enemies to petrify them, except for armoured mini-bosses. Using Companion Fidi also lets Zagreus petrify enemies (except for mini-bosses with armour and bosses).

Styx Poison[]

Styx Poison is a debuff which deals damage over time to Zagreus or enemies it is inflicted on, as well as inflicting a green tint around the edges of the screen. Poison is inflicted by traps in the Temple of Styx, pools created by Gigantic Vermin, and darts thrown by Satyr Cultists. Poison stacks, allowing it to deal increased damage over time, but stacks eventually wear off. Stacks can be immediately cleansed by using a Curing Pool in a Styx chamber, which grants brief immunity to the effect. Poison can be applied to enemies by deflecting Satyr Cultist darts at them, and will deal 5 times the damage it deals Zagreus. It can also be applied to enemies via the pools created by Gigantic Vermin.