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Soul Catcher
Soul Catcher.png
Location Elysium
Combat Style Butterflies
Health 1100 (2000 if armored)
Armor 2400
Base Damage ?

Soul Catchers are stationary orbs that spawn swarms of butterflies which slowly fly towards the player, causing damage on contact. The butterflies can be destroyed by any attack, but cannot be deflected.

The ball itself is highly resistant to knockback effects and cannot be backstabbed.

A Dire Soul Catcher, referred to as the Butterfly Ball by Zagreus, appears only as a miniboss encounter in Elysium and is much larger than normal Soul Catchers. In addition to spawning butterflies, it will constantly spawn Elite Disarmed Souls, up to five, that will seek out the sword, spear, shield, and two bows littered around its arena. Under the Middle Management pact, it will also periodically teleport around the room.

Codex entry[]

'...What is the soul? An ember from the depths of Chaos, nothing more, I think. But it is all we are, as mortals; and it is all we are reduced to, once we inevitably fade away. Is it such a surprise, then, that we souls seek company in death just as in life? Likewise, it should come as no surprise, I think, that some such souls yet harbor hatred in what used to be their hearts. Petty, spiteful souls flock together. They always have, and always will. Here in the depths, such souls sometimes flock in such great numbers, that they congeal. This unassuming form, its components reminiscent of the butterfly which mortals praise for its delicate beauty, belies their intentions.'