Hades Wiki
Location Temple of Styx
Combat Style Beam
Health 850
Armor 650
Base Damage 2 (per tick of beam damage)

Snakestones are quasi-living crystal entities which lurk in the Temple of Styx.

Snakestones fire multiple charged energy beams across a long distance. These beams begin aimed in multiple directions but will converge on a single point (aimed at Zagreus) as the Snakestone continues to attack, making the beams potentially difficult to dodge.

The beams do continuous, low-level damage, and are blocked by terrain. Should Zagreus come into contact with multiple beams at the same time, he will take damage from both beams simultaneously.

They share a resemblance to the Brimstone, although their attacks are much more dangerous.

There is a miniboss variant of the Snakestone which has heavily increased armor, and is bright purple instead of its usual neon green color. When it attacks, it fires more lasers than a normal Snakestone. These fire out radially and all rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise simultaneously in an effort to damage Zagreus with one.

Codex entry[]

'...The crystal consciousnesses lurking in the Underworld are none-too easily explained, and this is doubly the case when it comes to the serpentine forms residing underneath the upper temple's floors. What gave them such a shape and single-minded purpose is left for the imagination to decide; although the boorish satyrs despoiling the surface seem to take up residence in the same spaces, and may well be to blame for these nuisances, as they are for many others.'