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Location Tartarus (miniboss)
Combat Style Close-range melee
Health Tartarus: 400? (Armor: 800)

Asphodel: 400 (Armor: 800)

Base Damage 14

Slam-Dancers are a subset of the Bloodless who were particularly bloodthirsty and savage during life.

Slam-Dancers move in pouncing jumps, attacking with an explosive slam when they're in close range.

Slam-Dancers are sometimes encountered as mid-stage minibosses in Tartarus.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

'...Marauding warriors that once lived in sin and lusted after murder, now reborn beneath the earth, eternally reliving the final violent moments of their days of war and strife. They now have nothing left except their impulse toward bloodshed, or the shedding of whatever can be torn asunder by their claws.'