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Sisyphus Quotes[]

This details the dialogue and quotes of the tortured soul, Sisyphus. Be aware this page will contain SPOILERS.


Upon Room Entry[]

"That who I think it is?"

Upon Gift Selection[]

Sisyphus: "Easy does it."
Zagreus: Thank you, mate.

Upon Room Exit[]

"Bye now!"

Conversations with Zagreus[]

Sisyphus: "Oh, but this is just too much for me, Your Highness, thank you, really. I don't know how I can ever repay you."
Zagreus: "How about you keep on helping me not die as quickly as I might have otherwise, deal?"
-After giving nectar for the 6th time.

Zagreus: "Sisyphus, how can you stand it, being here like this? You always seem in such good spirits, though."
Sisyphus: "You push old Boudly here sufficient times, and you might get a different outlook on things, too. With the Furies all preoccupied and with my running into you from time to time, I'm positively doing great lately. I like to take what pleasures I can get!"