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Good evening to you, little star. Our cycles now are intertwined, as I no longer can afford merely to watch. Whichever threat we face, I vow to shine for you.
~ Selene

Selene is the goddess and personification of the Moon. She is daughter of the titans Hyperion and Theia, the younger twin sister of Helios and the sister of Hestia, Demeter, Hera and Eos.

Selene appears in Hades II and offers her hexes through the Gifts of the Moon which can later be upgraded with the Path to Stars to Melinoë in her fight against Chronos.

Her signature Status Curse is Morph which turns enemies into harmless critters.

Characteristics and Personality[ | ]

As the goddess of the moon, Selene is dreamy, as well as affectionate in disposition. She is poetic, contemplative, and tender with Melinoë. She is kind at all times. As a celestial observer, nothing escapes her attentive gaze during the night.

Her nature is primarily serene, supportive, and enchanting. Despite being associated with darkness, and despite being a Titan, she stands against them. Due to her loneliness, with only the company of the starry sky, Selene is very emotional, tending to form an emotional bond guickly.

Despite her serene and elegant disposition, she enjoys adrenaline and wild routines of rides while majestically riding her pegasi, and she thanks Melinoë for being able to warm up with them once again.

Yet nothing escapes her gaze. Selene seems a bit like a stalker, enjoying observing a bit too much and becoming overly interested in others' lives, feeling too intimate, as was the case with the mortal Odysseus.

Despite her tenderness, she is the most powerful among the Silver Sisters, yet the most benevolent. Other characters might say 'The moonlight guides you' as a greeting. The power of moonlight cannot be underestimated, 'the moon has its spells' influencing hearts, and she can render enemies helpless at her feet.

Despite being a powerful Titan, her horses symbolize freedom, but her vast powers do not grant the freedom she desires. Selene is bound to follow her path across the sky every night due to her role as the moon; simply speaking exhausts her and she needs to be invoked. Thus, she feels powerless for not having helped her adoptive mother Nyx when Chronos attacked right under her nose during the Saturnalia, yet she remains optimistic and and puts everything she has into Melinoë.

Physical description[ | ]

Selene, as the goddess of the moon, presents herself as an elegant woman. She wears a blueish-white dress alongside lots of silver jewelry with moon motifs. She uses a helmet with two spikes on which side, decorated in the Silver Sisters colors and letting flow a white fabric strip on each side, and a full moon at the center. Her white hair flows behind her, forming a sort of cloud, and it too is decorated with a few silver crescent moons. Her eyes are of a gold color, she has light blue lipstick and uses golden crescent moon earings.

She rides a Pegasus, a mythical horse with wings. Hers is white with a light blue mane and, just like their owner, they're decorated with silver moons jewelry on their head. Their eyes are mostly covered by their mane, but their silver color can be slightly seen.

History[ | ]

Before Hades II[ | ]

Hades II[ | ]

Book of Shadows Entry[ | ]

'All think her beautiful, few know her power, for she is distant and conceals it well. She is the Eye of Night. You look up to her. A Titaness fostered by Nyx herself, she ensures that the Unseen have visibility above the surface, as we below.'

Trivia[ | ]

  • While Selene rides a Pegasus to make the moon cycles, her twin brother Helios rides a chariot.
  • In Greek mythology, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera are daughters of Cronus and Rhea, and sisters of Hades, Poseidon and Zeus, but in the games, they are depicted as daughters of Hyperion and Theia, thereby becoming Helios, Selene and Eos's sisters.
  • As the personification of the Moon, Selene can only act through the night and cannot venture out during the morning or afternoon.[1]
  • Following the daily cycle, Eos (Dawn) is her younger sister[2] while Helios (Sun) is her older twin brother.
  • Nyx being Selene's foster mother is most likely because Nyx is the Night and Selene the Moon, but can also be attributed to how Nyx was often portrayed alongside Selene and her siblings.

Additional notes[ | ]

For additional information on Selene that does not pertain to Hades, see Wikipedia's article: Selene

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