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Satyr Cultist
Satyr Cultist.png
Location Temple of Styx
Combat Style Projectiles
Health 1300
Armor 1100
Base Damage 1 (Inflicts 1 Stack of Styx Poison)

Satyr Cultists are vermin worshiping monsters which roam the paths under the Temple of Styx. They loathe Lord Hades and desecrate the chambers of the surface temple they reside in.

Satyr Cultists, upon noticing Zagreus, will fire poisonous darts at him. If a dart hits Zagreus, he will take 1 damage and be inflicted with a stack of Styx Poison, which will deal rapid damage over time to Zagreus until he is cured.

Elite Satyr Cultists will fire a spread of three darts in Zagreus' direction.

There is a mini-boss variant of the Satyr Cultist which has heavily increased armor, and wears a dark green cloak. When it attacks, it fires a rapid spread of darts in a cone, directed at Zagreus.

Codex entry[]

'...A multitude of worries decorate the brow of grim Lord Hades, whose nature is unknown to anyone but him. But there are some concerns that even he cannot suppress. Take for example, the dark movements of the satyr vermin-worshippers residing in the temple gateway at the surface of this realm. What they must want is yet unclear; but, their hatred for Lord Hades is not. Efforts to exterminate the goat-faced fiends have proven unsuccessful to this point, for they reside frustratingly even beyond the Master's influence. What can they do, in turn, except to desecrate the Master's halls? Yet, if the Master is uneasy, there must be a cause.'