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The Resource Director in Lord Hades' bedchambers

The Resource Director is a shade assigned to award Zagreus an arbitrary rank through the transfer of resources collected throughout the Underworld escape attempts. The director becomes available soon after the player reaches the end credits. Only one rank may be advanced per escape attempt, even if the player has the resources to buy several at once.

The rank is displayed as a badge on the leftmost of Zagreus' health bar.


The ranks are divided into ten titles, and then further into five sub-titles each, that require an increased amount of Darkness and the rank's specific item. Below are all the ranks and their requirements to unlock:

Badge Title Resources
Alpha Warden.png Alpha Warden 10 Chthonic Key, 1000 Darkness
Gamma Warden.png
Gamma Warden 5 Nectar, 1500 Darkness
Delta warden.png Delta Warden 1 Diamond, 2000 Darkness
Sigma warden.png Sigma Warden 1 Ambrosia, 2500 Darkness
Unseen warden.png Unseen Warden 1 Titan Blood, 3000 Darkness
Alpha fixer.png Alpha Fixer 10 Chthonic Key, 2000 Darkness
Gamma fixer.png Gamma Fixer 5 Nectar, 2500 Darkness
Delta fixer.png Delta Fixer 1 Diamond, 3000 Darkness
Sigma fixer.png Sigma Fixer 1 Ambrosia, 3500 Darkness
Unseen fixer.png Unseen Fixer 1 Titan Blood, 4000 Darkness
Alpha agent.png Alpha Agent 10 Chthonic Key, 3000 Darkness
Gamma agent.png Gamma Agent 5 Nectar, 3500 Darkness
Delta agent.png Delta Agent 1 Diamond, 4000 Darkness
Sigma agent.png Sigma Agent 1 Ambrosia, 4500 Darkness
Unseen agent.png Unseen Agent 1 Titan Blood, 5000 Darkness
Alpha cleaner.png Alpha Cleaner 10 Chthonic Key, 4000 Darkness
Gamma cleaner.png Gamma Cleaner 5 Nectar, 4500 Darkness
Delta cleaner.png Delta Cleaner 1 Diamond, 5000 Darkness
Sigma cleaner.png Sigma Cleaner 1 Ambrosia, 5500 Darkness
Unseen cleaner.png Unseen Cleaner 1 Titan Blood, 6000 Darkness
Alpha shadow.png Alpha Shadow 10 Chthonic Key, 5000 Darkness
Gamma shadow.png Gamma Shadow 5 Nectar, 5500 Darkness
Delta shadow.png Delta Shadow 1 Diamond, 6000 Darkness
Sigma shadow.png Sigma Shadow 1 Ambrosia, 6500 Darkness
Unseen shadow.png Unseen Shadow 1 Titan Blood, 7000 Darkness
Alpha dusk.png Alpha Dusk 10 Chthonic Key, 6000 Darkness
Gamma dusk.png Gamma Dusk 5 Nectar, 6500 Darkness
Delta dusk.png Delta Dusk 1 Diamond, 7000 Darkness
Sigma dusk.png Sigma Dusk 1 Ambrosia, 7500 Darkness
Unseen dusk.png Unseen Dusk 1 Titan Blood, 8000 Darkness
Alpha wraith.png Alpha Wraith 10 Chthonic Key, 7000 Darkness
Gamma wraith.png Gamma Wraith 5 Nectar, 7500 Darkness
Delta wraith.png Delta Wraith 1 Diamond, 8000Darkness
Sigma wraith.png Sigma Wraith 1 Ambrosia, 8500 Darkness
Unseen wraith.png Unseen Wraith 1 Titan Blood, 9000 Darkness
Alpha overseer.png Alpha Overseer 10 Chthonic Key, 8000 Darkness
Gamma overseer.png Gamma Overseer 5 Nectar, 8500 Darkness
Delta overseer.png Delta Overseer 1 Diamond, 9000 Darkness
Sigma overseer.png Sigma Overseer 1 Ambrosia, 9500 Darkness
Unseen overseer.png Unseen Overseer 1 Titan Blood, 10000 Darkness
Alpha specter.png Alpha Specter 10 Chthonic Key, 9000 Darkness
Gamma specter.png Gamma Specter 5 Nectar, 9500 Darkness
Delta specter.png Delta Specter 1 Diamond, 10000 Darkness
Sigma specter.png Sigma Specter 1 Ambrosia, 10500 Darkness
Unseen specter.png Unseen Specter 1 Titan Blood, 11000 Darkness
Alpha one.png Alpha One 10 Chthonic Key, 10000 Darkness
Gamma one.png Gamma One 5 Nectar, 10500 Darkness
Delta one.png Delta One 1 Diamond, 11000 Darkness
Sigma one.png Sigma One 1 Ambrosia, 11500 Darkness
Unseen one.png Unseen One 1 Titan Blood, 12000 Darkness

A total of :

  • 325,000 Darkness
  • 100 Chthonic Key
  • 50 Nectar
  • 10 Diamond
  • 10 Ambrosia
  • 10 Titan Blood

are required to unlock all titles.

Flavor Text[]

Congratulations!! You officially serve the House of Hades, as its dedicated Security Specialist. Your work is conducted in relative secrecy. Employment is at-will, for an indefinite term.

Should you earn sufficient resources during your efforts, you may donate them back to the Underworld via the Resources Director (to whom you just spoke), to advance in rank and earn a fancy Badge.

Your rank is purely symbolic, carrying no additional responsibilities. Though, it may induce a sense of pride, which every god should have...