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Psyche is a reagent currency with a variety of common uses, in particular to increase the amount of Grasp Grasp Melinoë can use at the Altar of Ashes.

Obtaining Psyche[ | ]

  • As a room clear reward (10-20 Psyche)
  • Using the Tablet of Peace or Frinos on Lost Shades (30-50 Psyche)
  • As a purchase:
  • From Poseidon's Boons:
    • Sunken Treasure will sometimes drop a random amount of Psyche
    • Ocean's Bounty will increase Psyche (and other Minor Finds) gains by 50-65%
    • Double Up has a 20-35% chance to double the amount of Psyche earned
  • Completing various Prophecies:
    • Spectral Forms (awards 40 Psyche)
    • The Invoker (awards 25 Psyche)
    • Note to Self (awards 25 Psyche)
    • Valued Customer (awards 60 Psyche)
  • Sometimes offered by Narcissus (10 Psyche from Mystic Secrets)

Using Psyche[ | ]

Psyche is used for:

  • Increasing Grasp Grasp (3,565 Psyche to reach max rank)
  • Activating certain incantations at Hecate's Cauldron
    • Divination of the Elements (5 Psyche)
    • Necromantic Influence (5 Psyche)
    • Shadow Extraction (30 Psyche)
  • Upgrading the Aspect of Melinoë for the Witch's Staff (190 Psyche total)
  • Unlocking the Tablet of Peace (5 Psyche)