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Pom Blossom is a Keepsake that levels up a random Boon each time Zagreus survives a certain number of encounters. It is obtained by escaping 10 times and then giving Persephone a gift of Nectar in the House of Hades. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped.

Boon levels gained while the Pom Blossom is equipped will not be removed if the keepsake is unequipped between levels.


After every 6/5/4 Encounters, gain +1 Lv. (a random Boon grows stronger).

Bond Message[]

From Persephone; you share a Growing Bond

The dead live on in the underworld, and her nurturing instinct there also thrives.


  • Individual Satyr Tunnel Chambers in the Temple of Styx count as full Encounters for Pom Blossom.
  • Infernal Trove fights do not count toward Pom Blossom's Boon levels.
  • Rooms without encounters such as Charon's shop do not count toward Pom Blossom's Boon levels.
  • Pom Blossom is not affected by Sweet Nectar.