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Pierced Butterfly is a Keepsake obtained by giving Thanatos a gift of Nectar after besting him in his challenge. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped.


Gain +1/1.5/2% damage for each Encounter you clear without taking damage.

Bond Message[]

From Thanatos; you share an Undying Bond

With whom should Death belong, if not with Blood, with Life?


  • Infernal Trove fights and Temple of Styx mini-Encounters do not count towards Pierced Butterfly damage boosts. However the final room in a wing in the Temple of Styx do give credit.
  • If you unequip the Pierced Butterfly between levels, the accumulated damage increase will be lost.
  • Losing life to a curse of Chaos will not stop you from gaining the damage bonus upon clearing an Encounter without suffering damage from other sources.
  • There is an achievement related to this keepsake - Thorn of Thanatos, which requires you to get 30% bonus damage with this keepsake.