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Editor's Note: Unlike past patch notes, this patch does not have a number. It is called Patch 052 in order to preserve naming conventions.

Post-Launch Patch - December 1, 2020

This patch contains additional minor fixes and improvements based on your feedback and reports since our v1.0 Launch Update. We expect this to be our final PC patch of the year. Thank you for playing Hades!!

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities[]

  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Zagreus Aspect): increased Critical chance
  • Eternal Spear (Achilles Aspect): increased Skewer special charge speed; improved input buffering
  • Adamant Rail (Eris Aspect): reduced duration of bonus damage effect

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Sea Storm (Poseidon x Zeus): adjusted requirements for this to be offered; fixed interaction with Curse of Drowning (Poseidon x Ares)
  • Blinding Flash (Athena): fixed incorrect scaling from Poms on the Exposed Status Curse
  • Athena's Aid (Athena): reduced scaling from Poms
  • Parting Shot (Athena x Aphrodite): fixed interaction with Shadow Presence (Mirror)
  • Sweet Surrender (Aphrodite): normalized scaling from rarity and Poms
  • After Party (Dionysus): improved scaling from rarity
  • Black Out (Dionysus): adjusted requirements for this to be offered
  • Rare Crop (Demeter): fixed this not counting toward the bonus from Family Favorite (Mirror)
  • Killing Freeze (Demeter): fixed damage being locked at Common rarity; adjusted scaling from rarity

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades[]

  • Dash Nova (Blade): increased Sturdy duration; fixed dash sometimes moving you to the wrong position
  • Heavy Knuckle (Fists): increased attack speed; no longer locks you in place while attacking
  • Draining Cutter (Fists): life drain now works under the effects of Lasting Consequences (Pact)

Keepsakes & Items[]

Mirror of Night[]

  • Abyssal Blood: increased power level

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Minor fixes and improvements to several chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Added unique visuals for the Aspect of Eris damage boost
  • Minor improvements to Final Boss intro animation

Music & SFX[]

  • Updated sounds for the third strike in the Aspect of Guan Yu attack sequence
  • Updated sound for big slow radiating blasts generated by certain attacks
  • Added emote for when the Minotaur sets up the 'Bull Horn' combo attack

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Slightly increased priority of events in the subplot that unlocks Hypnos' Affinity Gauge
  • Increased priority of Zeus events required for the epilogue
  • Increased priority of Orpheus events once you've started playing the Splendid Lyre
  • Fixed rare cases where the Night and Darkness prophecy was not fulfilling when expected
  • Fixed event requirements for Final Boss acknowledging if you can get there without Olympian Boons
  • Fixed event requirements for Thanatos and Achilles acknowledging specific Weapon Aspects
  • Other minor fixes, changes, and improvements to various narrative events


  • Updated in-game flow when syncing cloud saves (Epic Games Store version)
  • Improved feedback when highlighting upgrade buttons for each Companion in the Keepsake Screen
  • Various fixes and improvements to localized text in different languages
  • Minor text fixes, updates, and clarifications

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an old, elusive issue that sometimes caused text keywords to appear in the w r o n g f o n t
  • Fixed instances where Gorgon projectiles could be destroyed using the Shield of Chaos
  • Fixed Deflect causing higher-than-intended damage against the Furies and Bone Hydra
  • Fixed the damage preview for Hazard Bomb (Rail) not being quite the right size
  • Fixed interactions between Ares' Doom Status Curse and Aspect of Gilgamesh Maim effect
  • Fixed issues using Poms on Flood Shot (Poseidon) with Blizzard Shot (Demeter x Poseidon)
  • Fixed Pool of Purging showing non-zero sell costs while you are affected by Pauper's (Chaos)
  • Fixed additional cases of Codex Index screen displaying incorrect requirements for Boons
  • Fixed Aspect of Hestia reload tutorial objective never clearing while testing it in the Courtyard
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

The dead? O gods, the dead! Yes, I know who you mean.
~ The Choephori (Aeschylus; P. Vellacott translation)

Note: You should see v1.37033 in-game once you have the update.