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Editor's Note: Unlike past patch notes, this patch does not have a number. It is called Patch 049 in order to preserve naming conventions.

Post-Launch Patch - October 2, 2020

We are humbled by and grateful for the amazing response to our v1.0 Launch Update. While our Early Access development is now complete, expect several follow-up patches such as this one to shore up any remaining issues. Thank you very much for playing.

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities[]

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Merciful End (Athena x Ares): combo effect can no longer activate multiple times from a single instance of the Doom Status Curse

Foes & Encounters[]

  • Wringers no longer appear in Survival encounters
  • Theseus and The Minotaur: fixed issues with their alternate late-game tag-team maneuver
  • Hidden Boss: fixed an issue preventing pillars from collapsing between phases as intended

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Minor fixes and improvements to several chambers

Music & SFX[]

  • Updated timing of music-ducking during voiceover (music should remain soft during gaps in speech)
  • Other minor changes, fixes, and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • An early event where Achilles grants the Codex should occur more reliably
  • Minor changes and improvements to various narrative events


  • Added launch option UseSideBarArt (set to false if you prefer black bars in ultrawide resolutions)
  • The third of Skelly's unlockable prizes now sparkles as well it ought
  • You can no longer use Fishing Points in Survival encounters before the encounters begin
  • Improved aim preview intersections around some obstacles
  • Updated text size in some non-English languages in certain contexts
  • The backing for floating text messages should align better with the text in certain cases
  • Various minor performance optimizations

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Bouldy gifting interactions repeating more often than intended (there are a bunch...)
  • Fixed Good Riddance not unlocking correctly from the House Contractor
  • Fixed unintended Eurydice events sometimes occurring after completing her subplot
  • Fixed Orpheus sometimes changing songs after re-entering the House of Hades main hall
  • Fixed the Final Boss reusing a certain ability while under Extreme Measures (Pact)
  • Fixed Thanatos area attack activating the player's revenge Boons
  • Fixed Thanatos being invisible during certain specific story interactions
  • Fixed various Achievements not unlocking as expected
  • Fixed Dusa sometimes remaining visible after flying off
  • Fixed Lord Hades using the wrong animation in certain late-game scenes
  • Fixed a specific case where the Administrative Chamber could be unexpectedly inaccessible
  • Fixed Dark Thirst looping sound stacking when successively equipping the imbued weapon
  • Fixed Aspect of Beowulf causing Cast to function in the House (no fighting in the House!)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Scintillating Feast (Zeus x Dionysus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Thunder Flare (Zeus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Curse of Nausea (Ares x Dionysus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Defiance (Chaos)
  • Fixed some visual issues with Chill effects from Demeter Boons
  • Fixed minor formatting issues in the Keepsakes Screen
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

My son, my son, the unluckiest man alive!

This is no deception sent by Queen Persephone,
this is just the way of mortals when we die.'

~ The Odyssey (Homer; R. Fagles translation)

Note: You should see v1.36211 in-game once you have the update.