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Early Access Patch 042 - March 17, 2020

Following last week's Nighty Night Update, this patch packs more balance changes, fixes, improvements, and story events. Expect another patch before we shift focus to our next Major Update.

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities[]

  • Stygian Blade: Nova special fires in the direction of the cursor (default mouse-and-keyboard settings)
  • Stygian Blade (Arthur Aspect): adjusted hitboxes to better match attack visuals; defensive aura prevents floor traps from activating; defensive aura briefly flashes before it expires
  • Eternal Spear (Guan Yu Aspect): fixed issues where changes to max life were not always correct

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Heaven's Vengeance (Zeus): improved scaling from Poms
  • Sunken Treasure (Poseidon): increased prerequisites (it should not be offered as early in a run)
  • Holy Shield (Athena): improved scaling from Poms
  • Merciful End (Athena x Ares) : fixed it sometimes not being offered by Ares
  • Curse of Vengeance (Ares): improved scaling from Poms
  • Wave of Despair (Aphrodite): increased damage; reduced damage radius; improved scaling from Poms
  • Dual Shot (Artemis): reduced power left; reduced power scaling from Poms
  • Fully Loaded (Artemis): increased prerequisites (it should not be offered as early in a run)
  • Winter's Harvest (Demeter): increased prerequisites (it should not be offered as early in a run)
  • Flayed (Chaos): fixed an issue preventing it from affecting the Fists' Dash-Upper

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades[]

  • Piercing Volley (Bow): increased damage to Armor
  • Relentless Barrage (Bow): fixed greater-than-intended shot count with Aspect of Chiron
  • Rush Kick (Fists): reduced damage; slightly increased charge-up time
  • Draining Cutter (Fists): life-drain effect now also activates from Aspect of Talos magnetic pull
  • Quake Cutter (Fists): reduced damage; stomp now modified by Boon effects

Foes & Encounters[]

Mirror of Night[]

  • Fated Persuasion: after using it, you will now always be offered at least one new selection

Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Lambent Plume (Hermes): timer now should stop reliably as soon as bosses are vanquished
  • Companion Fidi (Dusa): projectiles no longer slowed by your abilities
  • Fixed several cases when Summon abilities could be used while they were meant to be disabled

Pact of Punishment[]

  • Benefits Package: banned certain Perks from certain types of foes

Permanent Record & Security Log[]

  • The screen formerly known as the Permanent Record is now called the Security Log
  • Permanent Record: new! Shows progress with weapons, Boons, and more (find it in the Admin Chamber)
  • Note: This is a first-pass version of this screen, which we expect to continue improving in subsequent Major Updates

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Adjusted layout in smaller chambers in Asphodel (those added in the Nighty Night Update)
  • Fixed Brimstones being able to fly out of bounds in a certain Tartarus chamber
  • Other minor fixes and improvements to various chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Further adjustments to the look of Olympian Boon pick-ups, making their colors more distinct
  • Added new character model for the Fallen Warrior in Elysium
  • Added animations for Lord Hades while judging shades gathered in the Great Hall
  • Updated animation for Skelly when summoned by Companion Rib
  • Updated animation for Dusa when summoned by Companion Fidi
  • Updated visual effects for some upgrades, abilities, and animations for the Twin Fists
  • Updated icons for some Mirror of Night Talents
  • Added more animations for the new mini-boss encounter in the Temple of Styx

Music & SFX[]

  • Improved audio feedback when activating Ruthless Reflex (Mirror)
  • Added material sounds to some objects in Asphodel
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Added new events to a subplot between Nyx and Dusa
  • Added more dialogue events with Nyx, Chaos, Artemis, Zeus, Aphrodite, Achilles, and others
  • Minor fixes and tuning to various events


  • Added and updated more localized strings for content from the Nighty Night Update
  • Reduced requirements to fully unlock River Denizens entries in the Codex
  • Updated placement of fishing points in various chambers
  • Updated placement of Infernal Troves in various chambers
  • Updated placement of Chaos Gates and Infernal Gates in various chambers
  • The Eldest Sigil has an updated look after you restore it through the House Contractor
  • Shades in the Administrative Chamber may emote from time to time
  • Added unique tutorial objectives in the Courtyard while using Aspect of Demeter (Fists)
  • Removed the Triathlete Victory Screen Commendation, which was appearing too often
  • Minor presentation improvements when purchasing Eldest Sigil Restoration and Administrative Privilege from the House Contractor
  • Minor formatting improvements to Security Log screen
  • Minor text changes and fixes

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where you could get unlimited Cast ammo using Routine Inspection (Pact)
  • Fixed various display issues with Nourished Soul (Demeter)
  • Fixed visual effects not appearing correctly with Flying Cutter (Daedalus - Fists)
  • Fixed Boon Info not appearing reliably while interacting with characters such as Sisyphus
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Valuable Urns in Asphodel
  • Fixed a graphical issue unlocking new Mirror of Night Talents
  • Fixed audiovisual issues with Ice Wine (Demeter x Dionysus)
  • Fixed requirements for fulfilling Close at Heart (Fated List)
  • Fixed requirements for fulfilling Goddess of Seasons (Fated List)
  • Fixed voice lines sometimes not playing when encountering the Bone Hydra
  • Fixed voice lines not playing reliably after making purchases from the House Contractor
  • Fixed incorrect instruction text appearing in some contexts in the Pact of Punishment
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

Then he drew his sword Excalibur, but it was so bright in his enemies’ eyes, that it gave light like thirty torches. And therewith he put them a-back, and slew much people.
~ Le Morte D'Arthur (Thomas Malory; A. W. Pollard translation)

Note: You should see v0.27008 in-game once you have the update.