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Early Access Patch 039 - January 28, 2020

This patch includes more localized content, balance changes, fixes, and improvements for last week's Long Winter Update, as we shift focus to our next Major Update. Until then, thank you for playing!!

General Gameplay[]

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities[]

  • Shield of Chaos: slightly reduced Bull Rush charge-up time (to how it was before the Long Winter Update)
  • Adamant Rail: increased autolock radius while using gamepad

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Reduced offering rate of 'Exchange' Boons
  • Reduced offering rate for Olympian Aid Boons (in general, they should appear less early and often)
  • Divine Dash (Athena): slightly increased Deflect duration (still less than before the Long Winter Update)
  • Proud Bearing (Athena): improved scaling from Poms
  • Holy Shield (Athena): increased duration of Deflect revenge effect
  • Curse of Pain (Ares): fixed an issue causing this not to scale correctly with improved rarity
  • Urge to Kill (Ares): effect now can scale with Poms
  • Aphrodite's Call: no longer blockable by shield-bearing foes; no longer stopped by Final Boss urns
  • Artemis' Call: no longer stopped by by [sic] Final Boss urns
  • Crystal Beam (Demeter): increased tracking speed
  • Killing Freeze (Demeter): improved scaling from rarity
  • Rare Crop (Demeter): slightly reduced appearance rate
  • Demeter's Aid: increased speed at which winter vortex reaches full size
  • Blizzard Shot (Demeter x Poseidon): increased damage
  • Defiance (Chaos): increased appearance rate

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades[]

  • Piercing Wave (Blade): increased damage
  • Cursed Slash (Blade): increased life-steal effect
  • Charged Volley (Bow): slightly improved charge-up time
  • Charged Shot (Shield): fixed an issue causing it to stop you longer than intended
  • World Smasher (Shield): slightly reduced damage; no longer fully automatic
  • Cluster Bomb (Rail): staggered firing sequence; reduced damage penalty; increased area of effect

Foes & Encounters[]

  • Thanatos: reduced appearance rate (it is still significantly higher than before the Long Winter Update)
  • The Fury Sisters: adjusted some of their attack timings under Extreme Measures (Pact)
  • Wave-Maker: adjusted attack pattern; reduced armor; reduced appearance rate in Asphodel
  • Burn-Flinger: adjusted attack pattern; reduced appearance rate in Asphodel
  • Bone Hydra: reduced tracking of projectile attack
  • Gigantic Vermin: Mini-boss creates fewer Poison puddles
  • Final Boss: improved hit box on some attacks; urns no longer deal damage while being summoned

Keepsakes & Items[]

Pact of Punishment[]

  • Budget Cuts: no longer locked in as part of Hell Mode
  • Lasting Consequences: first rank now locked in as part of Hell Mode
  • Underworld Customs: increased Heat
  • Forced Overtime: increased Heat; reduced number of ranks (though each rank has a greater effect)
  • Convenience Fee: no longer raises cost of Bounty resources sold in Charon's shop in Styx

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Added new visual presentation when vanquishing bosses with Winter Harvest (Demeter)
  • Improved visual presentation when slaying other foes with Winter Harvest (Demeter)
  • Improved visual presentation when revealing Spear (Aspect of Guan Yu)

Music & SFX[]

  • Added new sound effects for Final Boss urn destruction attack
  • Adjusted sound effects volume for Mistral Dash (Demeter)
  • Fixed sound effects on Charged Skewer (Spear)
  • Fixed Delta Chamber (Rail) always playing low-ammo sound
  • Fixed victory music stinger being inaudible if a song is being performed in the House of Hades

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Restored post-defeat voice lines from Final Boss
  • Added one-time voice hint about how to get to Eurydice while outside her chamber
  • Added new voice lines for various Wretched Broker interactions
  • Fixed two Inspect Points in the House of Hades that were not playing or appearing correctly
  • Fixed voice lines sometimes not playing when confronting the Bone Hydra
  • Fixes to narrative scripting to some events
  • Additional fixes and tuning to various contextual voice events


  • Added more new localized strings for content introduced in the Long Winter Update
  • Improved text and icon distinctions between Max Life increases and Healing
  • In ultrawide resolutions, sidebar artwork no longer occludes the edges of the display
  • Added controller vibration while using the Rod of Fishing
  • Reduced frequency of visual effects while taking damage from Lava
  • Fixed Cyclops Jerky Select (Fallen Warrior) text to match the effect (the text was less than the effect)
  • Minor fixes and improvements to Splendid Lyre interact presentation
  • Added subtle visual effect when collecting Bloodstone ammo
  • Other minor text fixes and presentation improvements

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where too many different Olympians could appear in a single escape attempt (note: this has no effect on Boon offering rates, only on total number of different Boon-giving characters per escape attempt)
  • Fixed an issue that could stall progress on Dusa's lounge renovation quest
  • Fixed instances of invisible collision in the House of Hades
  • Fixed Boon Rarity markers disappearing from Ambrosia Delight (Eurydice) or Rare Crop (Demeter)
  • Fixed one more case of being able to use the Rod of Fishing while standing in lava
  • Fixed Trippy Shot (Dionysus) sometimes being destroyed unexpectedly
  • Fixed an interaction between Bow (Hera Aspect) and Crystal Shot (Demeter)
  • Fixed a graphical issue in the biome map travel sequence from Tartarus
  • Fixed an animation issue with the floating bobber while using the Rod of Fishing
  • Fixed alert icon always appearing on House Contractor even when new items were not available
  • Fixed conditions for certain Victory Screen Commendations
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue while closing the Fated List
  • Fixed instances where icons could remain visible in the Boon Info sidebar unexpectedly
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

On the middle 7th cast Demeter's holy grain on the well-rolled threshing-floor, keeping a sharp eye open; and have a woodcutter cut house planks, and all the ship-timbers that are appropriate for ships. But begin building narrow ships on the 4th.
~ Works and Days (Hesiod; M. L. West translation)

Note: You should see v0.25129 in-game once you have the update.