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Early Access Patch 035 - December 17, 2019

This small patch focuses on localization improvements and bug fixes, thus wrapping up our Welcome to Hell Update. Next up is our Major Update in January! Until then, we're looking over all your feedback, and making plans for an exciting year to come. Happy holidays, and thanks so much for all your support.

House Contractor[]

  • Orpheus' release paperwork now is more likely to appear, and is required for some later upgrades

Music & SFX[]

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Added several new narrative events for Sisyphus
  • Minor fixes and improvements to some narrative events and contextual voice lines


  • Added first-pass Polish localization!
  • Added new localized text for content recently added in the Welcome to Hell Update
  • Added localization notice on boot-up announcement screen in non-English languages
  • Ongoing improvements to localized content display issues in some languages
  • Foe indicators on Chamber Reward previews should be more consistent
  • Added missing subtitles for newer voice lines
  • Minor text and subtitle content fixes

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Zagreus referring to Orpheus having returned to the House while Orpheus is still away
  • Fixed instances of incorrect Fury Sister portrait appearing in some pre-boss scenes
  • Fixed Premium Vintage (Dionysus) sometimes causing Nectar to spawn out of bounds
  • Fixed Slothful (Chaos) sometimes causing Zagreus to fail to board the Barge of Death in Asphodel
  • Fixed some instances of escape attempt clear times not updating correctly
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

No, Mother! Why do you not stay for me,
and let me hold you, even here in Hades?
Let us wrap loving arms around each other
and find a frigid comfort in shared tears!

~ The Odyssey (Homer; E. Wilson translation)