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Early Access Patch 034 - December 12, 2019

This patch improves display issues with localized content, adds several narrative events, and makes several balance changes as we close out an exciting week! Expect another patch in the next few days.

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities[]

  • Shield of Chaos (Zeus): the Bull Rush charge-up is no longer interrupted by retrieving a thrown shield

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Divine Protection (Athena): no longer upgradeable using Poms
  • Life Affirmation (Aphrodite): reduced power level
  • Roiling (Chaos): now only adds foes to standard encounters (no longer affects mini-boss encounters)

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades[]

  • Daedalus Hammers can no longer be purchased in the first few escape attempts
  • World Splitter (Blade): slightly increased damage
  • Flurry Slash (Blade): slightly increased damage

Foes & Encounters[]

  • Survival encounters can no longer occur on the very first escape attempt
  • Theseus and The Minotaur: increased damage when facing them under Extreme Measures (Pact)

Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Trove Tracker (Well): now causes an Infernal Trove to spawn soon, even if you have not yet commissioned the House Contractor upgrade that normally causes them to appear

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Minor visual improvements to some chambers

Menus & UI[]

  • Removed button shortcut to close the Pact screen (this introduced new issues requiring a different solution) + Improved mouse pick boxes when choosing a Save Slot + Other minor improvements

Music & SFX[]

  • Minor changes, fixes, and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Added several new narrative events for Megaera and Lord Hades
  • Added various new contextual voice lines for Skelly
  • Updated several older Zagreus voice lines with newer recordings
  • Minor fixes and improvements to some narrative events and contextual voice lines


  • Various improvements to localized content display issues in some languages
  • Various improvements to presentation of the encounter in the final chamber in Elysium
  • Removed Polish and Japanese language settings for now (we do not yet have localized content for these)
  • Minor text and subtitle content fixes

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a rare crash while using the Codex
  • Fixed Exit Wounds (Artemis) not correctly interacting with Skull-Crushers
  • Fixed some issues using Companion Rib (Skelly) in the battle with Tisiphone
  • Fixed Heart-Seeking Bow (Chiron) not firing the correct number of Volley shots at certain ranks
  • Fixed Exploding Launcher (Spear) sometimes causing the thrown spear to remain in the field
  • Fixed certain attack behaviors for the Bone Hydra
  • Fixed a rare soft lock while gifting Thanatos; fixed sometimes being able to gift him after he departs
  • Fixed one of the Final Boss attacks being canceled by the effects of Death Defiance
  • Fixed the effects of Zeus' Aid continuing during the effects of Death Defiance
  • Fixed incorrect values listed in the Collection for Shattered Shackle (Sisyphus)
  • Fixed Skelly voice lines not playing as expected after pummeling him
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

Within my heart plunge all your torches, rend me, burn.
For lo, my bosom open to your fury's stroke.
O brother, bid these vengeful goddesses depart
And go in peace down to the lowest shades of hell.

~ The Tragedies of Seneca: Medea (Lucius Annaeus Seneca; F. Justus Miller translation)