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Early Access Patch 027 - August 13, 2019

This patch makes further improvements and balance changes following last week's Big Bad Update. Barring any unexpected issues, we will now be focusing on our next Major Update. Thanks for playing!

General Gameplay[]

  • After using Mandragora Cure Pools in the Temple of Styx, you now are briefly immune to poison
  • Slightly increased frequency of Valuable Urns in Styx (it is still less than before the last change)
  • Slightly increased frequency of Wells of Charon and Pools of Purging

Weapons & Powers[]

  • Stygian Blade: Increased damage radius of Nova special (it is still less than before the last change)
  • Shield of Chaos: basic attack knocks foes away again (we and many of you liked it better this way)

Boons & Blessings[]

  • Poseidon's knock-away effects re-scaled (they no longer scale in intensity at higher rarity levels)

Foes & Encounters[]

  • The Minotaur: slightly reduced health; reduced speed boost while enraged
  • Theseus: slightly reduced health; reduced speed boost while enraged
  • Snakestone: reduced tracking speed (it is still greater than before the last change)
  • Satyr Cultist: attack no longer staggers you
  • Final Boss: now deletes your save progress if you lose (just kidding; in actuality, the Final Boss now has reduced damage and health, plus other changes that should reduce the sheer difficulty)

Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Lucky Tooth: increased healing to better align with the recent change to Death Defiance effects

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Minor fixes and improvements to some chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Improvements to visual effects and death animation for Final Boss encounter
  • Added death animation for Bother
  • Updated look of Styx Saw Blade Trap
  • Updated look of depleted Mandragora Cure Pools
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Menus & UI[]

  • Minor fixes and improvements to God Gauge UI

Music & SFX[]

  • Added ambient sounds to many Temple of Styx chambers
  • Minor sound effects updates for Final Boss
  • Removed expiration warning sounds for Greater Calls with an instant effect
  • Other minor SFX changes and improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Minor additions, fixes, and tuning to some contextual voice lines
  • Minor updates to requirements for some narrative events


  • Improved on-hit feedback for Max-Gauge Aphrodite's Aid
  • Improved feedback when using Artemis' Aid
  • Added more variety to the message when circumventing a certain multi-headed obstacle in Styx
  • Updated feedback when using the Fountain in the Styx Satyr Storage Chamber

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Theseus sometimes using his 'Bull Horn' combo attack after the Minotaur is defeated
  • Fixed an issue with Spent Spirit (Athena x Aphrodite) giving Theseus more than one spear
  • Fixed the sound when targeted by sniping attacks sometimes lingering longer than expected
  • Fixed an issue where menu highlights sometimes vanished when closing and opening a menu
  • Fixed an issue in 'Trial of the Gods' where foes blessed by Athena could damage you after being slain
  • Fixed a minor camera issue entering the main hub in the Temple of Styx
  • Minor text fixes
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

Now [I came] to bid farewell to Zagreus and to his sire, the hospitaler.
~ Fragments (Aeschylus; H. Weir Smyth translation)

Note: You should see v0.19998 in-game once you have the update.