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Early Access Patch 016 - Mar. 14, 2019

This patch makes several fixes and improvements based on initial feedback and our ongoing iteration following the launch of the Murder Death Kill Update earlier this week. Thank you for playing!

General Gameplay[]

  • Thanatos is faster, can move over terrain gaps, and can use his area attack more often; increased his encounter frequency; adjusted foe variety in his encounters to present a more consistent challenge.

Weapons & Powers[]

  • Adamant Rail: slightly reduced scatter.

Boons & Upgrades[]

  • Electric Shot (Zeus): reduced Rare and Epic rarity power level; now seeks nearest foe (same as base Cast).
  • Clouded Judgment (Zeus): reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity.
  • Storm Lightning (Zeus): reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity.
  • Double Strike (Zeus): reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity.
  • Boiling Point (Poseidon): reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity.
  • Proud Bearing (Athena): reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity.
  • Slicing Shot (Ares): reduced damage variance from rarity.
  • Dire Misfortune (Ares): reduced damage variance from rarity.
  • Aphrodite: Increased Charm effect durations; reduced durations vs bosses.
  • Chaos: increased minimum damage of Abyssal, Maimed, Flayed, Addled, and Stabbing curses (note: most of Chaos' blessings also became stronger in the last patch).

Daedalus Hammer[]

  • Double Edge (Blade): reduced critical chance.
  • Vicious Skewer (Spear): reduced damage bonus.
  • Cluster Bomb (Rail): increased damage radius; reduced damage penalty.

Foes & Encounters[]

  • Alecto: rage effect decays faster; reduced max. Lout reinforcements; reduced whip pre-attack time; her rage gauge now visibly drains while she is enraged (until she is perma-raged....).
  • Tisiphone: she will always lunge in the direction of her whip strike; area burst attacks no longer target behind her; other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Burn-Flinger: fixes to higher-than-intended encounter rate in Asphodel ; reduced and standardized rate of attack; removed slight homing effect from 'fastball' attack; reduced death bomb area of effect.
  • Wave-Maker: increased health; increased Elite armor.
  • Bone Hydra: fixes to lunge attack and hit box; updated attack for the latest head variant; each final-wave variant now has ranged attacks; auto-aim now targets hatchlings; other minor changes.
  • Survival encounters should be seen slightly less often.


  • Fixed a case where you could encounter two Charon's Shops in successive chambers in Asphodel.
  • Improved dead zone setting adjustment while using a controller.

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Improvements to Wrath presentation.
  • Updated reload-while-moving animation while using the Rail.
  • Thanatos has a new animation for his area-effect Death Sentence power.
  • Alecto has an updated animation for her Enrage power.
  • Tisiphone has an updated animation for when she prepares to fight.
  • Burn-Flinger 'fastball' attack looks more distinct from 'curveball' attack.
  • Fixes to some graphical sorting issues with some chambers and visual effects.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Menus & UI[]

  • Text clarifications to some boons and upgrades (some effects no longer expressed as damage-over-time).
  • Improved UI hiding in Hydra encounter.

Music & SFX[]

  • Duration-based Wrath powers have an audio cue for when they are about to expire.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Charon's heavy breathing from being uncomfortably loud.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Fixed a voiceover mismatch in a newer Megaera event.
  • Additional minor fixes and tuning to some contextual voice lines.


  • Tempest Strike (Poseidon) is no longer cancelled out by Pulverizing Blow (Daedalus - Shield).
  • Improved support for controller vibration feature with some controllers.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a case where a chamber reward could be unreachable in Asphodel.
  • Fix to Sea-God's Rage (Poseidon) not activating his Second Wave.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to disappear after using consecutive Wrath powers.
  • Fixed Pierced Butterfly (Thanatos) not affecting Ares curse damage.
  • Fixed Affluence (Chaos) creating fractional sums of money; now affects Trove Trials and Sisyphus.
  • Fix to Curse of Eternity (Ares) sometimes being offered before you had prerequisite boons.
  • Fix to Wrath presentation sometimes playing if the effect was cancelled.

Quote of the Patch[]

'On thee, the portion of our time depends, whose absence lengthens life, whose presence ends.'
~ The Hymns of Orpheus - "To Thanatos" (T. Taylor translation)