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Early Access Patch 015: The MURDER DEATH KILL Update - Mar. 12, 2019

Our third Major Update is here, adding Wrath powers, an enigmatic rival, vicious new bosses, and more. Expect several smaller patches after this, then we'll shift focus to what should be our biggest update yet!


  • Wrath of Olympus: charge up new super moves from each Olympian to turn the tide of battle
  • Thanatos: the incarnate of death arrives! can you beat him at his own game?
  • Alecto & Tisiphone: think Megaera the Fury is a tough customer? wait till you meet her sisters
  • New Boons: look for many new God Boons, including all-new 'Duo' powers
  • New Foes: watch out for the Bloodless Burn-Flinger and the Bloodless Wave- Maker
  • New Story Events: experience many new fully-voiced narrative scenes and contextual gameplay quips

General Gameplay[]

  • Updated default control mappings, having added Wrath (note: your control mappings have been reset)
  • The same types of Chaos blessings can no longer be offered at the same time
  • Infernal Gates now have a fixed cost in Heat in each biome

Weapons & Powers[]

  • Stygian Blade: increased damage on first and second strikes; increased dash attack damage to match thrust; reduced Special recovery time
  • Heart-Seeking Bow: slightly reduced projectile hitbox (making it less effective against enemy projectiles)
  • Shield of Chaos: more reliably blocks foes' ranged attack; improved Bull Rush cancel window
  • Adamant Rail: increased rate-of-fire from press-and-hold; removed faster rate-of-fire from tapping; you can reload while moving; slightly reduced projectile hitbox; Special briefly stuns you if it hits you

Boons & Upgrades[]

  • Added 7 new Wrath boons, one for each of the Olympians currently in the game
  • Added 6 new 'Duo' boons, combining effects from different gods; see if you can discover them!
  • Added 12 additional boons, especially to Olympians who offered relatively fewer choices
  • Lightning Strike (Zeus): increased damage, bolt accuracy, and range; reduced damage per bounce
  • Tempest Strike (Poseidon): re-scaled knock-away distances on this and similar effects
  • Breaking Wave (Poseidon): reworked; instead of a stun effect after a wall-slam, deals damage in an area
  • Flood Shot (Poseidon) (formerly Storm Shot): now seeks nearest foe (same as base Cast)
  • Phalanx Shot (Athena): now seeks nearest foe (same as base Cast)
  • Curse of Agony (Ares): slightly increased time until damage dealt on this and similar effects
  • Unhealthy Fixation (Aphrodite): increases charmed foe's speed; stuns bosses (rather than charm them)
  • Peer Pressure (Dionysus): reduced damage; increased cooldown
  • Tipsy Shot (Dionysus): now bounces off of tall obstacles
  • Chaos: increased power level of most blessings

Daedalus Hammer[]

  • Flurry Blade (Blade): damage reduced (to compensate for the Blade's base damage increase)
  • Seeking Fire (Rail): range increased; projectile acceleration removed
  • Flurry Fire (Rail): increased rate of fire; increased ammo capacity; increased accuracy
  • Spread Fire (Rail): reduced penalty to ammo capacity
  • Infinity Chamber (Rail): removed tap-to-fire penalty

Foes & Encounters[]

  • You can no longer encounter successive 'Trials of the Gods' with the same choices
  • The new Wave-Makers and Burn-Flingers now can appear as Tartarus mini-bosses
  • Skullomat: reduced appearance rate of Elite variant in Asphodel
  • Pest: your Deflect effects now work against its mine lob attack
  • Wretched Lout: slightly reduced range (to better match the visual)
  • Bloodless: slightly reduced range (to better match the visual)
  • Skull-Crusher: reduced how many can appear per encounter; now susceptible to backstab damage
  • Gorgon: projectile speed reduced; you are briefly immune to petrification after breaking free
  • Megagorgon: projectile speed reduced; you are briefly immune to petrification after breaking free
  • Bone Hydra: added new head variant; attack timing adjustments

Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Pierced Butterfly (Thanatos): added to the game
  • Trove Tracker (Well): reduced purchase cost

Pact of Punishment[]

  • Reduced Skeleton Keys required to unlock the system

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Added several new chamber to Tartarus
  • Updated layout for Charon's Shop in Tartarus
  • Improved collision in Erebus challenge chamber
  • Other minor fixes and improvements to various chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Updated visuals for Hades Remembrance sequences
  • Updated artwork for some environmental objects
  • Updated visuals for Skullomat death
  • Added visual FX for new characters and foes

Menus & UI[]

  • Unified formatting of some in-game prompts
  • Updated text formats on some screens
  • Updated main menu logo sequence
  • Added Wrath UI and activation presentation
  • Updated some Codex images
  • Updated icons and visuals for Pact of Punishment
  • Adjusted width of this and similar screens
  • Added scroll bar to this screen
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Music & SFX[]

  • 'Scourge of the Furies': added new music track to Tartarus
  • Added various new sound effects
  • Minor fixes and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Added new narrative events with various characters
  • Added Zagreus voice events for various gameplay contexts
  • Added Codex entries for Thanatos, Alecto, Tisiphone, Wave-maker, Burn-flinger, and...?
  • Updated requirements from some narrative events
  • Fixes and tuning to some contextual voice lines


  • Updated Roadmap to reflect our plans for our next Major Update
  • Updated 'Congratulations' message after clearing an escape attempt
  • Improved mouse pick boxes for Brimstone and Hydra
  • Updated some menu strings in non-English languages
  • Improved feedback when foes collide with other foes
  • Credits: Thanatos, Alecto, and Tisiphone added to Voice Cast; Additional Animation updated

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an interaction between Nasty Dash (Dionysus) and Peer Pressure (Dionysus)
  • Fixed an issue with the Bone Hourglass (Charon) effect sometimes not applying correctly
  • You can no longer use Fated Authority on locked Infernal Gates
  • Fixed an issue causing the Achilles Wall-Scroll to sometimes cost much more than intended
  • Fixed an issue where attacks from foes affected by Unhealthy Fixation (Aphrodite) could hit the player
  • Fixed issues that could prevent some voiceover from playing when interacting with Skelly's unlockables
  • Fix to Dusa showing conversation indicator when she didn't have anything important to say
  • Minor text fixes
  • Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

'And last, who under Earth the guilt avenge

Of oaths sworn falsely, let the Furies hear!'

~ The Iliad (Homer; W. Cowper translation)