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Early Access Patch 012 - Feb. 13, 2019

This patch addresses technical issues reported by some players since yesterday's Major Update. We're excited to see the response thus far, and continuing to monitor your feedback -- keep it coming!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixes to several rare crashes
  • Megagorgon encounter should run smoother for some players
  • Fix to Premium Vintage (Dionysus) providing health when gifting
  • Fix to Divine Flourish (Athena) not functioning with Rail Special
  • Fix to Boiling Blood (Mirror) not functioning with Rail Special
  • Fixed Convenience Fee (Pact) successively affecting Well of Charon
  • Fix to foes continuing to spawn after defeating Megaera
  • Fixes to several minor cosmetic issues
  • Minor text fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

The hearts inside us shook, terrified by his rumbling voice and monstrous hulk. ~The Odyssey
~ Homer; R. Fagles translation

Note: You should see V0.14049 in-game once you have the update