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Early Access Patch 011: The GOOD TIMES Update - Feb. 12, 2019

Our second Major Update is here, featuring a mighty new Olympian and weapon, and much more. We'll likely post several smaller patches after this, then shift focus to next month's big update!


  • Dionysus: the god of wine offers his intoxicating blessings! Seek his aid and encouragement during your escape attempts
  • Exagryph, the Adamant Rail: this legendary forebear of firearms presents an all-new playstyle! Own all four other weapons to reveal it
  • Fated Authority: new Mirror upgrade lets you alter the rewards you'll earn in each chamber (to whatever the Fates decide...)
  • Infernal Gates: seasoned players may earn greater rewards within (provided they use the Pact of Punishment, and can clear the challenges inside)
  • New Story Events: expect new narrative plus new contextual gameplay quips, with hundreds of newly recorded voice lines
  • Roadmap: press the Next Major Update button on the Main Menu to learn more about what else we're working on

General Gameplay[]

  • 'Perfect Clear' encounters no longer occur in random Chambers; now occur when you enter the new Infernal Gates
  • Centaur Hearts no longer a reward option in the first chamber
  • Codex unlock requirements reduced in most cases
  • Improvements to auto-aim selection in various contexts
  • Added Superior-quality Chamber Reward variants (for Infernal Gates)
  • Wretched Broker deals offer better value (sometimes...)
  • Infernal Troves retain their full value longer before decay-over-time

Balance - Weapons & Powers[]

  • Adamant Rail: added to the game, with its own Daedalus Upgrades
  • Stygian Blade: Thrust recovery time slightly reduced; Special recovery can be reduced by attacking
  • Heart-Seeking Bow: Special recovery time slightly reduced
  • Eternal Spear: Special damage and range slightly increased; returns slightly faster; improved input buffering
  • Shield of Chaos: Attack recovery slightly faster; improved input buffering; now can block petrifying projectiles
  • Cast: improved input buffering when linking shots

Balance - Boons & Upgrades[]

  • Thunder Dash (Zeus): reduced max. damage
  • Ocean's Bounty (Poseidon): no longer affects shop items
  • Titan Toppler (Athena): no longer interrupted by Spike Traps
  • Hungry Blades (Ares): reduced duration scaling; scales with rarity
  • Deadly Strike (Artemis): reworked; adds bonus damage and a fixed +15% chance of a Critical hit
  • Deadly Flourish (Artemis): reworked; adds bonus damage and a fixed +20% chance of a Critical hit
  • Hunter Dash (Artemis): reduced power level; various fixes
  • Burst Shot (Artemis): now scales with rarity
  • Fully Loaded (Artemis): now scales with rarity
  • Dying Lament (Aphrodite): increased power level
  • Wave of Despair (Aphrodite): increased power level
  • Unhealthy Fixation (Aphrodite): increased effect chance
  • Empty Inside (Aphrodite): now scales with rarity
  • Remedy (Chaos): cut from game; Soul (Life Gain) still offered;
  • Grasp (Chaos): now scales with rarity
  • Atrophic (Chaos): increased negative effect
  • Pom of Power: upgrades can now have improved rarity

Balance - Daedalus Hammer[]

  • Cruel Thrust (Sword): added to the game
  • Sudden Sunder (Sword): faster recovery time
  • Piercing Shot (Bow): replaced with Piercing Barrage
  • Point-Blank Shot (Bow): replaced with Twin Shot
  • Triple Shot (Bow): widened attack arc
  • Rapid Shot (Bow): removed damage penalty
  • Dread Flight (Shield): hits more targets before returning
  • Voracious Flight (Shield): replaced with Mirage Flight
  • Assault Flight (Shield): reworked; now faster and fully automatic
  • Minotaur Rush (Shield): reduced charge-time penalty
  • Trick Toss (Spear): replaced with Flurry Jab
  • Impact Blast (Spear): replaced with Exploding Launcher
  • Cruel Skewer (Spear): replaced with Vicious Skewer
  • Multi Skewer (Spear): bounces between more targets, including foes
  • Quick Spin (Spear): now charges much faster

Balance - Foes & Encounters[]

  • Pest: now flings mines; mines eventually expire; reduced Elite armor
  • Thug: no longer turns during attack; reduced Elite armor
  • Numbskull: no longer spawn one-by-one in some encounters
  • Skullomat: reduced Elite armor; reduced spawn cap
  • Megaera: reinforcement spawns no longer yield unlimited money
  • Slam-Dancer: no longer immune to knockback while leaping
  • Gorgon: attack expires slightly sooner
  • Skull-Crusher: reduced health, size, and spawn cap; Elite rises faster
  • Megagorgon: now immune to stun and knockback;
  • Hydra: no longer slows you with its slam attack; improved feedback on some of its attacks; other minor changes
  • Asphodel Lava Puddles take longer to damage you (like other lava)
  • Brimstones can now appear in the Asphodel 'river crossing' encounter
  • Area attacks (such as the Skull-Crusher's) now briefly stun other foes
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Balance - Mirror of Night[]

  • Fated Authority: added to the game
  • Death Defiance: healing now scales with Life Total

Balance - Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Overflowing Cup (Dionysus): added to the game
  • Chthonic Coin Purse (Hypnos): reworked; gives a fixed money amount
  • Light of Ixion (Well): no longer loses charges in ineligible chambers
  • Trove Tracker (Well): no longer loses charges in ineligible chambers
  • Olympian Keepsake effects won't expire before you take their boon

Balance - Pact of Punishment[]

  • Whipped Frenzy (NEW!): raises foe movement speed and attack speed
  • Convenience Fee (NEW!): raises item costs
  • Pain Tolerance: reduced effect at max rank
  • Increased Darkness bonus when using the Pact
  • Adjusted Skeleton Key costs for some unlocks

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Added chamber for when you dare enter the new Infernal Gates...
  • Charon's Shop in Tartarus has a new look
  • House of Hades: the Wretched Broker has a new location
  • Several chambers in Tartarus now have multiple exits
  • Art and collision fixes in some chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Improved art for Chaos Gates (formerly called Blood Gates)
  • Improved art for Asphodel pillar
  • Improved visual FX for Asphodel smoke traps
  • Olympian portraits now have some animated visual FX
  • New visual FX for new Superior-quality Chamber Rewards
  • New art for Superior-quality healing items
  • Updated visual FX for Poseidon effects
  • New art for Enshrouded (Chaos) Chamber Reward previews
  • Gorgon petrification projectile easier to see
  • Move animations now sped up proportionally with upgrades
  • Charge-up animations now sped up proportionally with upgrades
  • Improved spawn-in animations for some foes
  • Various other graphical improvements

Menus & UI[]

  • Death Defiance and similar effects now represented distinctly in the UI
  • In the Mirror and Pact, you can press-and-hold to quickly modify stats
  • Formatting improvements in the Mirror and Pact
  • Added visual timer for Cast ammo auto-returning to you
  • Tenebrous Veil (Pact) now shows you removed choices
  • Death Insurance (Pact) now has improved feedback on foes
  • Boon Info command now shows how many chambers deep you are
  • Added support for wrapping in many menus using gamepad
  • You can close the Codex using the command to open it
  • Main Menu selection improvements with gamepad
  • Visual distinction between 'resource' and 'upgrade' Reward previews
  • Layout changes in Controls screen
  • Improvements to Victory Screen
  • Improvements to interact text presentation
  • Various other minor improvements

Music & SFX[]

  • A certain court musician may now be persuaded to sing another tune...
  • Keepsakes now have unique sounds when equipped
  • Added audio cue for when Chaos Gates unlock
  • Added various new ambient sounds
  • Various minor SFX changes and improvements

Voice & Narrative[]

  • Added Zagreus voice events for various gameplay contexts
  • Added new narrative events with various characters
  • Added new Storyteller lines for successfully clearing runs
  • Added Codex entries for Dionysus and Exagryph
  • Voiceover timing improvements and minor fixes


  • Improved consistency across various boon and upgrade descriptions
  • You can Dash into the House Bedchambers more reliably
  • Added interaction if you can get all Pact unlockables in the Courtyard
  • Credits: Dionysus added to Voice Cast

Bug Fixes[]

  • You sometimes took damage blocking with the Shield unexpectedly
  • Hunter Dash (Artemis) no longer a prerequisite for Critical boons
  • The Spear Special did not benefit from Boiling Blood (Mirror)
  • The Shield Bull Rush could sometimes deal damage while petrified
  • Asphodel foes sometimes appeared in the first chamber unexpectedly
  • Vicious Torment (Pact) boosted Deflect damage unexpectedly
  • Pain Tolerance (Pact) was not applying the stated values
  • 'Last Kill' presentation was not occurring in 'Perfect Clear' encounters
  • Your Life Total appeared incorrectly when choosing Chaos boons

Quote of the Patch[]

[W]hen the crude grapes which Dionysus gave to men -- a joy and a sorrow both -- begin to colour, in that season they fought and loud rose the clamour. ~Shield of Heracles
~ Hesiod; H. Evelyn-White translation

You should see V0.14026 In-Game once you have the update