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Early Access Patch 009 - January 18, 2019

This patch enhances features added in our Major Update earlier this week, and makes further balance changes. After this, we will be shifting focus to our next Major Update, so expect fewer changes till then.

General Gameplay[]

  • Using the Pact of Punishment now multiplies Darkness earned
  • New unlockables for completing runs at certain Pact thresholds
  • Late-game Heat resource appears much less often as a reward
  • Infernal Troves: reduced likelihood of Health and Darkness variants; reduced difficulty of these encounters
  • Blood Gates have slightly increased health cost scaling; significantly less likely to appear before the Hydra encounter
  • Pom of Power: slightly reduced power level
  • Epic rarity blessings have slightly reduced max power levels

Balance - Boons & Upgrades[]

  • Chaos: added Lunge and Flourish blessing variants
  • Chaos: reduced power variance of Rare and Epic effects
  • Thunder Dash (Zeus): reduced range of lightning bolt
  • Phalanx Shot (Athena): slightly increased damage radius and damage
  • Hunter Dash (Artemis): reworked; makes Dash Attacks stronger
  • True Shot (Artemis): normalized base power level
  • Pressure Points (Artemis): reduced Critical chance
  • Quick Reload (Artemis): reduced base time reduction
  • Heartbreak Strike (Aphrodite): slightly increased damage
  • Dying Lament (Aphrodite): increased damage
  • Slicing Shot (Ares): increased damage
  • Point-Blank Shot (Daedalus - Bow): reduced damage bonus
  • Sniper Shot (Daedalus - Bow): reduced damage bonus
  • Perfect Shot (Daedalus - Bow): increased damage bonus

Balance - Foes & Encounters[]

  • Asphodel encounters should have slightly more foes than before
  • Asphodel 'Perfect Clear' encounters have reduced difficulty
  • Hydra: increased health slightly; seeking shot harder to evade
  • Megaera: reduced delays between some of her attacks
  • Wretched Witch: more aggressive (spends less time hiding)
  • Gorgon: raised damage and rate-of-fire; Elite variant is stronger
  • Skull-Crusher: increased damage; reduced damage radius; added Elite variant; minor fixes

Balance - Mirror of Night[]

  • Avenging Gain: removed from the game (this had a variety of issues preventing it from influencing gameplay the way we expected; invested Darkness will be refunded)
  • Thick Skin (NEW!): raises Life Total
  • Boiling Blood: damage bonus applies only to Attack and Special

Balance - Pact of Punishment[]

  • Shared Misery: reduced effect of each rank; adjusted Heat cost
  • Death Insurance: reduced max rank

Balance - Keepsakes & Items[]

  • Fixed an issue where Keepsakes ranked up faster than intended; reduced max rank requirement to compensate
  • Skull Earring (Megaera): increasing scaling with rank-ups
  • Braid of Atlas (Well): reduced power level
  • Trove Tracker (Well): reduced effect duration

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Updated aspects of the House of Hades courtyard
  • Art and collision fixes in some chambers

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Improvements to Cerberus idle animation
  • Improvements to Skull-Crusher visual FX
  • Added spawn-in effect for Onion 'reward'
  • Other minor art changes

Menus & UI[]

  • Minor visual improvements to Mirror of Night UI
  • Minor visual improvements to Pact of Punishment UI
  • Clarifications to some in-game prompts and descriptions
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Music & SFX[]

  • Sound FX pass on some Asphodel traps and weapons

Voice & Narrative[]

  • New late-game events added to the House of Hades courtyard
  • Voiceover timing improvements and minor fixes

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue unexpectedly failing 'Perfect Clear' encounters near lava
  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected damage bursts from the Hydra
  • Fixed an issue with Boon Info display when entering Chaos chambers
  • Fixes and improvements to in-game Bug Reporter
  • Minor text fixes

Quote of the Patch[]

It is not clear how the Greeks conceived Chaos, which was not in existence from the first, but came into being.
~ Crowell's Handbook of Classical Mythology (E. Tripp)

You should see V0.13010 In-Game once you have the update