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Early Access Patch 004 - December 13, 2018

This patch contains numerous fixes and balance changes based on further reports and observations since launch. Some weapons are stronger, and the gods have heard your prayers about certain Boons.

General Gameplay[]

  • Slightly longer player invulnerability after taking heavy damage.
  • Reduced brief slow-mo effect on some combat interactions.
  • Player briefly invulnerable in end-of-encounter slow-mo moments.
  • Charon's Obol (Money) no longer offered at the run start (this was the only option that did not directly improve your power or survivability).

Balance - Weapons & Powers[]

  • Blade of the Underworld: increased damage on 2nd and 3rd swings of Attack combo; increased radius and added knockback on Special.
  • Heart-Seeking Bow: shots natively pierce through foes; slightly increased max range; slightly reduced power shot recovery time
  • Shield of Chaos: special returns to you more reliably; slightly reduced Special damage.
  • Eternal Spear: slightly increased Special damage.
  • Cast: increased base damage; added slight homing to base version.
  • Dash: brief invulnerability now lets you phase through some attacks.

Balance - Boons & Upgrades[]

  • Lightning Strike (Zeus): normalized base damage.
  • Tidal Surge (Poseidon): replaced with Tidal Dash.
  • Phalanx Shot (Athena): increased base damage.
  • Divine Protection (Athena): increased how often the effect occurs.
  • Blade Surge (Ares): replaced with Blade Dash.
  • Curse of Agony (Ares): reduced time until damage dealt.
  • Curse of Pain (Ares): reduced time until damage dealt.
  • Engulfing Vortex (Ares): increased effect radius.
  • Sweet Surrender (Aphrodite): reduced power level.
  • Deadly Flourish (Artemis): increased base effect chance.
  • Multi-Shot (Artemis): reduced power level; renamed to Burst Shot.
  • Life Drinker (Daedalus - Blade): reduced health penalty.
  • Penetrating Shot (Daedalus - Bow): replaced with Piercing Shot.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Balance - Foes[]

  • Bloodless: increased health (weaponless variants only).
  • Lout: slightly delayed attack point; slightly increased health.
  • Pest: small improvements to movement and collision.
  • Bone Hydra: reworked various aspects of this encounter.
  • Bloodless-type foes no longer impervious while leaping.
  • Bloodless-type foes more effective at flanking the player.
  • Added unarmored Inferno-Bombers and Slam-Dancers in Asphodel.
  • Adjusted frequency of various foes in Asphodel.
  • Player knockback vs. impervious foes now only at close range.
  • Other minor changes.

Balance - Mirror[]

  • Quick Temper: rescaled; reduced effect of each rank.
  • Avenging Gain: rescaled; reduced effect of each rank.
  • Deep Pockets: rescaled; reduced effect of each rank Note: As a result of these changes, you may have new Upgrade Ranks available.

Balance - Keepsakes[]

Level Design & Environments[]

  • Numerous art and collision fixes in many Tartarus chambers
  • Numerous art and collision fixes in many Asphodel chambers
  • Re-tuned Asphodel 'river crossing' encounter
  • Asphodel 'lava jelly' objects now can be destroyed on touch
  • Additional visual polish in the House of Hades

Art & Visual FX[]

  • Ares: the God of War's portrait is now more suitably impressive...
  • Life Fountains are more noticeable when they can be used.
  • Updated Numbskull attack VFX.
  • Updated Critical Hit VFX.
  • Updated 'Invincibubble' VFX (for Impervious state).
  • When chaining Dashes, camera shifts more smoothly.
  • Updated Hypnos' sleeping Zs; fixed dialogue indicator not showing.
  • When interacting with Sisyphus, Life Total is shown in tooltip.
  • Updated some Codex images.
  • Additional visual polish.

Menus & UI[]

  • Send Feedback: F10 to send feedback anywhere in-game.
  • 'Run Cleared' screen run shows completed runs per weapon.
  • Mirror of Night shows when you reach max rank for an upgrade.
  • Pause Menu now displays time of last autosave.
  • Alternate boot-up announcement if your game build is out-of-date.

Music & SFX[]

  • Added SFX to some Boon powers.
  • Updated some SFX for Brimstone-type foes.
  • Updated SFX for 'Trial of the Gods' events.
  • Updated SFX for blood splatter.
  • Music goes quiet prior to facing each Guardian (if Charon isn't there).

Voice & Narrative[]

  • A certain court musician now is more susceptible to persuasion...
  • Start-of-run 'Remembrance' scenes less likely to repeat.
  • Some character interactions less likely to repeat.
  • Other minor changes to voice lines and events.
  • Fixes to minor text and caption errors.


  • Credits: Orpheus added to Voice Cast.
  • Improvements to analytics sent via the Transmit Data feature.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixes to additional rare crashes reported by players.
  • Fixed an issue letting players recover health using Keepsakes.
  • Impact Blast (Daedalus - Spear) dealt backstab damage unexpectedly.
  • Player now invulnerable while exiting chambers.
  • Fixes to controller vibration not working with some weapons.
  • Fixes to some control remapping issues.
  • Reopening Well of Charon could affect their contents.
  • Boons sold by Charon no longer use up rarity bonus effects.
  • Pulverizing Blow (Poseidon) caused knockback unexpectedly.
  • Fixed cases where Codex could be opened during other events.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aegis weapon could be cloned.
  • Fixed text display issues in some languages.
  • Possible fix to a rare black-screen issue in the House Courtyard.
  • Numerous other minor fixes.

Known Issues[]

  • Shield throw can knock you back and/or damage you!
  • Resolutions > 1080p are intentionally scaling down in Fullscreen.

Quote of the Patch[]

O child of Zeus, one word shall tell thee all.

We are the children of eternal Night,

And Furies in the underworld are called.

~ 'Eumenides' (Aeschylus; E. Morshead translation)