Hades Wiki

Early Access Patch 003 - December 10, 2018

This patch addresses technical issues reported by some players and streamlines our patch process. Expect another patch with more gameplay and balance changes later this week!

Presentation & UI[]

  • Patch Notes now have a 'New!' indicator between updates.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fix to a rare crash during Trials of the Gods.
  • Fixes to several other rare crashes.


  • Opening the Codex while changing rooms causes problems (FIXED).
  • Controller issues (FIXED).
  • Issues where Zag is hidden by objects (FIXED).
  • 4K support has issues. Please play at 1440 or 1080! (FIXED).

Quote of the Patch[]

Never, never again shall I return from Hades,

once you have given me the soothing rites of fire.'

~ The Iliad (Homer; R. Fagles translation)