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Early Access Patch 002 - December 8th, 2018

This patch contains fixes and balance changes based on initial reports and observations since launch. The Shield of Chaos had a little too much bite, and we'd like to see Cast attacks used more often.

Gameplay & Balance[]

  • Shield of Chaos: reduced base damage slightly; removed Deflect as an innate property (Athena's Boons still can give it Deflect).
  • Pulverizing Blow (Daedalus - Shield): reduced damage.
  • Peerless Parry (Daedalus - Shield): removed entirely; replaced with...
  • Assault Flight (Daedalus - Shield): NEW upgrade added.
  • Phalanx Shot (Athena): increased base damage.
  • Storm Shot (Poseidon): increased damage radius and base damage.
  • Bolt Shot (Zeus): increased chain radius and base damage.
  • True Shot (Artemis): increased base damage.
  • Reduced healing in the Asphodel guardian battle.

Presentation & UI[]

  • Death Defiance presentation includes healing numbers.
  • Improved death VFX for Bloodless.
  • Added God Boon VFX to some Special attacks.
  • Updated 'Codex Updated' indicator.
  • Minor graphical improvements to some Tartarus chambers.
  • Various cosmetic fixes.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fix to a progression blocker when entering Blood Gates.
  • Fix for a rare crash on start-up based on Windows language setting.
  • Fixes for several rare gameplay crashes.
  • Fix to an issue where in-game menus could become unresponsive.
  • Fix to a rare visual issue with falling rubble from pillars.
  • Removed vestigial click-to-move controls affecting some players.
  • Reduced the max scale of damage VFX (it could get silly...).
  • Fix to an issue where gamepad controls appeared using mouse.
  • Minor UI fixes in some languages.
  • Minor text fixes(edited).

Quote of the Patch[]

But by this earth, and by the sky above,

and by the waters of the Styx below,

which is the strongest oath for blessed gods,

I swear I will not plot more pain for you.

~ The Odyssey (Homer; E. Wilson translation)