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Early Access Patch 001 - December 7th, 2018

  • Fixes for startup crashes for some users.
  • Fixes for a handful of rare crashes during gameplay.
  • Fix for Mirror of Night tooltips sometimes not appearing.
  • Fix for possible client lock-up in the Controls menu.
  • Fix for Alt+F4 not working in some contexts.
  • Various text fixes for non-English languages.
  • Various cosmetic fixes like Room Rewards being obscured in Asphodel.

Quote of the Patch[]

And there, in all their order, are the sources and ends of gloomy earth and misty Tartarus and the unfruitful sea and starry heaven, loathsome and dank, which even the gods abhor.
~ Theogony (Hesiod; H. G Evelyn-White translation)