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Disambig This article is about the weapons from Hades II. For the weapons in the first Hades, see Infernal Arms.

Weapons are your main mode of attack. Initially, only the Witch's Staff is available, but additional weapons can be unlocked by spending various Reagents such as Silver in the training grounds. Unlocking all the weapons requires a total of 19Silver Silver, 3Cinder Cinder, 1Bronze Bronze, 2Glassrock Glassrock. They can be upgraded during a run with a Daedalus Hammer.

They are the sister weapons of the Infernal Arms and were created by Nyx alongside her daughters The Fates, who entrusted them to Hecate for them to be used to safeguard the Underworld. They are fate forged servants of the Underworld that thrive on pure Nightmare itself.

Weapons[ | ]

Name Unlock Condition Description Quote
Weapon Staff01
"Descura" / Witch's Staff Unlocked by default Strike with a quick close-range Attack, or long-range Specials and Ω Moves.
Descura, also called the Staff of Dusk, grows stronger in obscurity.
Weapon Dagger01
"Lim and Oros" / Sister Blades Unlocked with 1 Silver Slash with furious Attacks, or strike afar with a flurry of Specials.
The Sister Blades Lim and Oros serve the Unseen, and are never separated.
Weapon Torch01
"Ygnium" / Umbral Flames Unlocked with 3 Silver and 3 Cinder Launch damaging ranged Attacks as you move, or Specials that orbit around you.
The Flames of Ygnium burn with an extraordinary light that does not pierce the dark.
Weapon Axe01
"Zorephet" / Moonstone Axe Unlocked with 15 Silver Deliver slow but devastating Attacks, or defend and retaliate with your Specials.
Zorephet was to be a labrys so broad as could conceal the Moon herself.
Weapon Skull01
"Revaal" / Argent Skull Unlocked with 1 Bronze and 2 Glassrock, after crafting all the other Weapons Blast foes with explosive Attacks, and retreive the Shells Shells with lunging Specials.
Revaal's final honor as Adjudicator was to become immortalized in adamant and death.