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Nemean Chariot
Nemean Chariot.png
Location Elysium
Combat Style Pursuit melee
Health 1100
Armor 700
Base Damage ?

Nemean Chariots are self-driven war chariots that target Zagreus in Elysium.

Codex entry[]

'...The wild land of Nemea is perhaps best known for the monstrous lion slain by the hero Herakles during one of his many labors, oft-told still. The visage of this beast became a symbol of its prideful chariot-riders, who trained so rigorously, they believed they formed a bond with their own vessels of wood and bronze. It turns out that their beliefs were well-founded: The Nemean Chariots yet race across the moss and stonework of Elysium, competing endlessly, training for new competitions of their own design. An eternity of preparation for imaginary war; the best kind, I should think, which shall not take from them again their lives or kin.'