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Title The Storyteller
Relations ?
Affiliation Unknown
Voice Logan Cunningham
Few tales are told of Hades, whose very name inspires fear and penitence, reminding us of the inevitable fate which we all share. I, however, mean to tell you such a tale. Listen carefully...
~ The Narrator

A mysterious entity, the Narrator is a seemingly omniscient commentator who watches over the story. Notably, the only person in the game who appears to be able to hear and interact with the Narrator is Zagreus, who often responds with a snarky retort to the Narrator's lines. Zagreus refers to him as 'old man'.

Narrator Quotes[]

For quotes and dialogue regarding the Narrator, please refer to Narrator/Quotes.


  • Examining the Bust, Old Man from the House Contractor multiple times will result in Zagreus attempting to converse with the bust to get a response from the Narrator. After enough interactions the Narrator may have several different responses, including "The vastly irritating Prince gets no response." These interactions may imply that the bust is in fact depicting the Narrator himself. The Narrator describes the bust as a "distinguished poet" who has "yet to earn his fated fame," and it bears a striking resemblance to depictions of the poet Homer.