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Disambig.png This article is about Megaera, the character. For information on the first boss, see The Furies.
Halt, Zagreus. Not one step further. Your father sent me. All in all, I'd rather be on your bad side than his. Now you can turn back like a good little man, or I can send you home the painful way. What'll it be?
~ Megaera
Title First of the Furies
Relations Nyx (Boss)

Tisiphone (Younger Sister)
Alecto (Younger Sister)
Hypnos (Colleague)
Thanatos (Colleague)
Zagreus (Colleague, Ex-Lover, Potential Lover)

Affiliation House of Hades
Voice Avalon Penrose

Megaera is one of the three Fury Sisters. She is sent by Hades to stop Zagreus from escaping the Underworld. Zagreus must defeat her before progressing to Asphodel during any given escape attempt.

After her first defeat, Megaera will join the House of Hades as a character that can be interacted with, though she will still attempt to stop Zagreus from entering Asphodel. She will be found drinking in the House's lounge, but only after a run in which she was defeated; if the lounge has yet to be re-opened, she will instead hang around in the hallway, on the opposite side of Zagreus's door from where Nyx usually stands.

Apparently, she has been tasked with handling matters in Tartarus apart from her sisters; this includes dealing with Zagreus. According to Megaera, a war amongst the mortals has made the Underworld particularly busy, and her sisters are handling matters elsewhere.


If given Nectar, Megaera will give you the Skull Earring.

After giving Megaera 6 Nectar in total, you will be unable to give her any other gift until you complete a favor for her.

Once completing her favor, giving her Ambrosia will earn you the Companion Battie.

Megaera's affinity gauge is maxed out at 10 hearts, requiring the gifting of 6 Nectar and 4 Ambrosia total.


After a random number of encounters with the Furies, Megaera will approach Zagreus in his room, and tell him that she's only stopping him from escaping because she has to. (This requires her to have first been in his room to collect her belongings.) After this interaction, Megaera can receive Ambrosia the next time she is met in the House of Hades.

It is NOT necessary to enable the "Extreme Measures" condition of the Pact of Punishment.


Reaching maximum affinity with Megaera will allow Zagreus to either begin a romantic relationship with her or continue as friends. Thanatos, Dusa and Megaera can all be romanced at the same time with no negative repercussions.

If Zagreus is able to fully romance both Megaera and Thanatos, another scene will be unlocked in Zagreus’s Room, in which he, Megaera and Thanatos meet up and can begin a polyamorous relationship.[1]

Codex entry[]

'...The ancient Fury Sisters deal retribution for eternity against all those whose lives unspeakably befouled the lives of others. They each seem to relish their grim work, though none so much as Megaera, the first among them. Her whip is very much notorious around these parts, and there are those who say she is more than my equal in the martial ways, a conjecture I see no reason to test. Though she by all accounts appears to lead a solitary life, she and the Master's son do have some history; although I am not privy to the details, and know much better than to ask. I do, however, know what she herself has volunteered to me, as we have on occasion passed the off-work time together in the Master's lounge. She has no parents; her surrogate mother is the goddess Nyx. She resents the Master's youthful son for words he spoke in careless arrogance. She follows the Master's orders and honors him; but her commitment is to the House itself, I think.'

Megaera Quotes[]

For quotes and dialogue regarding Megaera, please refer to Megaera/Quotes.


Megaera can appear as a boss in Tartarus. For more information on the boss of Tartarus, see The Furies.


Alecto and Tisiphone: Megaera is not on good terms with her sisters and fellow furies, due to long-standing differences in personality and interests. While she is willing to work with them in a professional setting, she otherwise avoids them whenever she can, and is relieved that they are not welcome in the House of Hades.

Nyx: Megaera shows a great deal of reverence to the goddess of Night. She very rarely doubts her, and consistently listens to her advice.

Zagreus: Megaera and Zagreus were once in a relationship, but by the events of the game, this relationship has long since ended due to some mistake on Zagreus' part. They are shown to be on uneasy terms from that point on. When Zagreus begins his escape attempts, Megaera is tasked in stopping him. She disapproves of his attempts to leave the Underworld, viewing it as him avoiding his responsibilities and his family. Zagreus has the option to repair their relationship, and perhaps rekindle their romance, should he choose to.

Thanatos: Thanatos and Megaera are work colleagues and friends, having met during a past debacle involving Sisyphus. They bonded over dealing with the crafty king, and have been on good terms ever since.

Dusa: Megaera is often shown to be on friendly terms with Dusa, despite the differences in their station, much like Zagreus. She is shown to be looking out for the gorgon maid, and is sometimes seen gossiping with her.

Sisyphus: Megaera loathes the former king for his past crimes, and is often tasked in punishing him, alongside her sisters. She pays little mind to his apparent change of heart, even when Zagreus vouches for him.


Additional notes[]

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