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Lucky Tooth is a Keepsake obtained by giving Skelly a gift of Nectar in the training room. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped.


Automatically restore up to 50/75/100 Health once your Life Total is depleted (once per escape attempt).

Bond Message[]

From Skelly; you share an Unbreakable Bond

A true and loyal friend shall always stand up for you. Even stand up to you.


  • To gain the benefit of the Lucky Tooth, it must be actively equipped. Changing to a different keepsake after a boss chamber will remove its effect. (unlike the Chthonic Coin Purse which can be safely removed after a boss chamber no gold penalty).
  • The resurrection effect from Lucky Tooth will be consumed after all Death Defiance effects have been exhausted.


If you have many Death Defiance effects, and you believe you can survive the upcoming Underworld Region without using Lucky Tooth's resurrection effect (as it is the last to be consumed) you should consider using other Keepsakes until you actually need it. However if you're pretty sure you're going to die in the upcoming Underworld Region, use Lucky Tooth, and if you survive, you'll be able to replace Lucky Tooth after it's bonus has been consumed, for a better Keepsake that increases survivability, such as Old Spiked Collar, or Harpy Feather Duster.