Hades Wiki
Location Elysium
Combat Style Various
Health 850
Armor 500
Base Damage ?

Longspears are former warriors and heroes of Elysium who wielded spears during life, and are bound to them in death. Like the other Exalted of Elysium, when they are defeated, their lingering souls will try to re-arm and respawn, and must be dispatched before they can do so.

Codex entry[]

'...I know what they can do only too well. Their endless training regimen takes influence from the specific martial style I strove to perfect in life; the spear always having been my preferred weapon, for its reach and versatility. These exalted souls of course are masters of arms, and would not have been placed within Elysium for simple military feats alone; yet, if the choice avails them, they would brandish those spears of theirs and fight with the terrible wrath of a starved wolf. That is their idea of heaven.'