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Legendary Boons are a type of orange outlined Boon provided by a single god. Legendary boons offer extremely unique skills, and are considered the top-tier blessings. Legendary Boons can only be obtained with the correct prerequisite boons and, like normal boons, are lost when Zagreus dies and returns to the House of Hades.

There are currently 12 Legendary Boons in Hades, shared between 10 different gods: Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Demeter, Poseidon, Zeus, Hermes, and Chaos. Poseidon and Hermes each offer two Legendary Boons.

All Legendary Boons with the exception of Chaos' are classified as "Tier 3 Boons" similar to Duo Boons. (This means that they require at least 2 other Boons from Tiers 1 or 2 to appear.)

The chances for Legendary Boons can be increased with specific gods' Keepsakes, Eurydice's Refreshing Nectar, Well of Charon item Yarn of Ariadne, and the Mirror of Night talent God's Legacy.

  • Note that when using certain Weapon Aspects, prerequisite boons may have different names. Example: Aspect of Beowulf: Flood Shot -> Flood Flare

Legendary Boons[edit | edit source]

Boon Effect Gods Required Boons
Unhealthy Fixation.png
Unhealthy Fixation
Your Weak effects also have a 15% chance to Charm foes.
  • Charm Duration: 4 Sec.
Aphrodite Requires 1 of each:
  • Passion Dash, Crush Shot, Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, or Passion Flare
  • Empty Inside, Sweet Surrender, or Broken Resolve
Vicious Cycle.png
Vicious Cycle
Your Blade Rift effects deal more damage for each consecutive hit.
  • Damage Increase per Hit: 1
Ares Requires 1 of the following:
  • Black Metal or Engulfing Vortex
Fully Loaded.png
Fully Loaded
Gain extra Cast Ammo for your Cast.
  • Max Ammo: +2 Cast Ammo
Artemis Requires 2 of the following:
  • Support Fire, Pressure Points, or Exit Wounds
Divine Protection.png
Divine Protection
You have a barrier that negates incoming damage.
  • Barrier Cooldown: 20 Sec.
  • Attacks that are successfully blocked do not remove the barrier.
Athena Requires the following:
  • Brilliant Riposte
Winter Harvest.png
Winter Harvest
Chill-affected foes shatter at 10% hp, inflicting Chill nearby.
  • Shatter Area Damage: 50
Demeter Requires 2 of the following
  • Killing Freeze, Ravenous Will, Arctic Blast
Black Out.png
Black Out
Hangover-afflicted foes take bonus damage in Festive Fog.
  • Haze Combo Damage: 100%
Dionysus Requires 3 of the following:
  • Dionysus' Aid, Drunken Flourish, Drunken Strike, Drunken Dash
  • Trippy Shot or Trippy Flare
Greater Recall.png
Greater Recall
Your Cast Ammo automatically return to you. Hermes

Requires 1 of the following:

Flurry Cast.png
Bad News
Your cast deals more damage to foes without Cast Ammo on them.
  • First shot damage: +50%

Requires 1 of the following:

Second Wave.png
Second Wave
Your knock-away effects shove foes a second time after the first. Poseidon Requires 1 of each:
  • Flood Shot, Poseidon's Aid, Tempest Flourish, Tempest Strike, or Tidal Dash
  • Breaking Wave or Typhoon's Fury
Huge Catch.png
Huge Catch
You have a greater chance to find Fishing Point in each Chamber.
  • Fish Spawn Chance: +20%
  • This boon also removes the Chambers Since Last Fishing Point spawn requirement.
Poseidon Requires 2 of the following:
  • Ocean's Bounty, Sunken Treasure or Conch Shell equipped
Splitting Bolt.png
Splitting Bolt
All your lightning effects create an additional burst.
  • Lightning Damage: 40
  • The additional burst is a slow moving spark.
  • Spark Speed: 500
  • Bounces: 5
  • Bounce Range: 520
Zeus Requires 1 of the following:
  • Storm Lightning, Double Strike or High Voltage
Chaos Blessing Defiance.png
Gain +1 Death Defiance (this escape attempt).
  • This gives Zagreus +1 slot of Defiance, which is only lost after his eventual death
  • Upon depleting, the Defiance slot can be replenished with Kiss of Styx normally
Chaos Requires:
  • Any Chaos Boon