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Lambent Plume is a Keepsake that increases Zagreus' dodge chance and movement speed each time he clears an encounter within a time limit. It is obtained by giving the God Hermes a gift of Nectar before accepting his Boon. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped.

While the Lambent Plume is equipped, a circular timer is visible in the bottom lefthand corner beneath the keepsake's icon. This timer indicates how long Zagreus has to clear the room to earn the bonus. If the timer runs out before Zagreus clears the encounter, a chime will sound indicating the bonus is no longer available to earn. The amount of time the keepsake gives to clear an encounter varies from room to room.
Unequipping the Lambent Plume between levels will remove the stat bonuses accumulated until that point, and stats are automatically reset between runs.

Wearing the Plume also unlocks access to Rush Delivery without needing Hyper Sprint or Greater Haste.

Wearing it also unlocks Greater Recall and Bad News Legendary Hermes boons without the need of any other boons.


Gain +1/1.1/1.2% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter.

Bond Message[]

From Hermes; you share a Quicksilver Bond

His carefree nature and his haste never betray his true capacity.


  • Infernal Trove fights and Temple of Styx mini-Encounters do not count toward Lambent Plume bonuses. The final encounter in each of Styx's tunnels is the only one that presents a timer and bonus if completed in time.
  • During Survival Encounters, the Lambent Plume will not appear to be active, but will still grant a bonus once the challenge is complete.
  • There is an achievement related to this keepsake, Haste of Hermes, which requires you to get 20% dodge chance with this keepsake.