Hades Wiki
King Vermin
Location Temple of Styx
Combat Style (Close Ranged) Melee
Health 12,000
Armor N/A
Base Damage ??

King Vermin (or Tiny Vermin) is a unique Crawler that can be encountered in the miniboss chamber that normally spawns an Elite Snakestone within the Temple of Styx.

Codex entry[]

'...Vermin, like men and dogs, are followers. Oftentimes it is the largest, most physically imposing of a pack that becomes leader. But, size is not the only factor, and ultimately not a substitue for a ferocity of spirit. Among the vermin infestation we contend with near the surface, there apparently is a shining such example. Even the most robust vermin of the pack are subservient to this king of theirs, smaller in stature, but by far more cruel. Can a simple beast feel malice? Supposedly, this one can.'


When encountered, King Vermin will always teleport to Zagreus before beginning its attacks.

  • Vermin Call: King Vermin, while stationary, roars loudly and summons 3 to 5 Gigantic Vermin to aid in battle.
  • Burrow Attack: King Vermin burrows underground and, upon unearthing, releases a damaging pulse near its new position.
  • Charged Assault: After a brief charge-up, King Vermin dashes towards and attempts to strike Zagreus three times.