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Jen Zee is the art director for Hades. She has also worked on several Supergiant Games titles in the past such as Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre.


Jen hails from beautiful, sunny Seattle, which was so sunny, in fact, that she was forced inside from out of the oppressive heat and light and into cooler places such as Dracula's castle and Shadow Moses Island. Like the rest of the team at Supergiant, she's been playing games practically since she can remember, even as she honed her artistic abilities in media ranging from comics to tabletop games to massively multiplayer online games. We were instantly impressed with her incredible talent for creating vivid characters and places, and she somehow managed as the only artist on our team throughout development of our first game, Bastion. As our fearless art director, Jen now operates alongside an S-tier squad of elite artists who together form a sort of Art Voltron. Among them, Jen continues to create the lush, imaginative hand-painted artwork that defines the distinctive look of our gameworlds and all their colorful denizens.

Additional Notes[]

Favorite Games:

Metal Gear Solid (PS)

Final Fantasy Tactics (PS)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS)