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Location Tartarus (miniboss)
Combat Style Various
Health 500 (Armor: 700)
Base Damage 14

Inferno-Bombers are a subset of the Bloodless who have learned to harness explosives.

Inferno-Bombers are sometimes encountered as mid-stage minibosses in Tartarus.


Inferno-Bombers use two main types of attack: a long-range single bomb throw, and a close-range barrage of scattered bombs. The former is their standard attack, while the latter is sometimes used when they're in close combat. A barrage of bombs is also released when an Inferno-Bomber is defeated.

Codex entry[]

'...As if forged bronze is insufficient in its keen ability to put an end to life, there have been those who studied the eldritch art of chemistry to fashion devastating, fiery devices known as bombs. They likely all fell victim to their own inventions. But even though they are now rightfully where they belong, their limitless desire for destruction yet keeps them intact.'